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The North Region Winter Series came to an end with Hartlepool seeing racers blast round the downhill track looking to gain the last points on offer. It proved to be a good series for Manchester riders Spencer McLeod and Josh…Read more


The Decider!

This Sunday will see North East BMX Club hosting the final round of the North Region Winter Series at their Hartlepool track. Hartelpool is a fast track, downhill and has more straights than most tracks,making it both exciting and testing…Read more

Time to focus on another of our club riders: it’s the turn of Sutty, Cruiser racer, expert wheel builder and BMX to the very core! Age;33 Race category;30-34 Cruiser How long have you been racing? Raced BMX from 87-91, MTB’s…Read more

A much smaller group of Manchester riders made the trip to Leeds for the penultimate round of the North Region Winter Series. With track work at Platt Fields taking up the time of a lot of riders, the task of…Read more

Go-Ride Coach Sam Foakes has started a blog about the goings on at Platt Fields BMX Track and his work with the Manchester BMX Youth Club. Check it out at; Sam organised a Go-Ride race at the Manchester round…Read more