Wow, the regional series kicked off with 257 riders making the trip  to Knowsley. A great new venue making its regional debut. With a massive 53 riders from Manchester the pressure on space in the gazebo is going to be at a premium this year. The club really is growing. Fast.

A quick pre-race shout to Cal Strickland who was there getting some practice in on his road back after the crash at the indoor. Great to see you back Cal.

So race fans, to the action and as always it was the 6 and under novices up first, with Zach Jeffrey improving in every race, eventually taking a great third spot overall and James Criddle putting in some great races to take the 4th spot.

Tyler McHugh battled it out at the front and eventually took first spot and was ably supported by Declan Cunningham taking a 4th place in the 7s Novice.

Alex Heaven lead the way all day in the 8s Novice class with a clean sweep. Fantastic.

Connor McHugh in the novice 11s picked up some good results finishing with a 7th place in a tough class.

Novice 14 saw Nicole Whyne and Courtney Heaney carrying on from the super Saturday racing with the Nicole making a great 5th place on a regional debut and Courtney picking up 6th. Great effort from these girls against the boys and Nicole certainly showed her first straight speed.

Algis Sveikutis recovered after a fall in one of the motos to eventually take 7th in 18 plus novice class.

So to the big rigs and the young Charlie Yates made 5th in the 17-29 cruiser against older more experienced field and still showed some moves while battling out for the places. A great cruiser debut.

A strong turnout in the 30-39 cruisers for MBMX with Neil Harbour taking a 3rd spot, with Louise Abbott picking up a great 5th taking on the guys and Adam Hill taking 6th.

40-44 saw Jamie Duffy on it picking up a 4th and Jason Bennett bringing in a strong 6th in his first regional.

Finally in 44+ Roger Wilbraham took the spoils after some great last corner action in the final showing his know how to steal the win.

So to the experts and the 6 and unders was bossed by Flyin Flynn Delincourt and Jack Bennett on his expert debut. Jack taking the win after Flynn was fell victim to the last one on the first straight that caused carnage all day in many classes. Well done Jack and unlucky Flynn. Flynn’s fall allowed Alexander Skjelten to take 2nd overall so well done Alex. 3 real prospects in this class for MBMX.

Sam Tucker improved in each round to take a good 3rd spot in the 7’s and under. Great to see riders stepping up when they are the only representatives in a class.

A big turnout in the 8’s with an all Manchester B final taken by Aaron Davy with James Jackson close behind.  Meanwhile both Liam Doyle and Curtis Sveikutis kept their heads through the carnage in the A final to take great 2nd and 3rd places. These guys are looking faster with each race.

Boys 10 was the biggest field of the day with Adam Tattersall taking 4th in the B final after some good motos. Great effort from Adam against some more experienced riders and I am sure better results will come through the year. Talent will show through.

Kirsten Dillon was on fire in the 9-10 girls taking 3 wins and a second to take the spoils. Looking dominant Kirsten.

Great racing in the tough 11-12 girls from Izzy Hines and Katy Cosgrove, with Izzy taking 2nd in the final and Katy a great 4th. Good to see thehard work paying off in results for these two.

13-14 girls saw Hannah Baker looking fast and chasing the front two to take solid 3rd places and all day and Leanne Henshall taking 4th in her regional debut and improving race on race to move up the field and hold on.

Possibly the strongest class for MBMX is the 11 boys. Some great results from Sam Bennett, Will Blevins, Morgan Chidley and Saul Jeffrey through the motos with Saul eventually finishing 2nd, Will Blevins making his target of a podium position in 3rd and Sam taking 5th to complete a good day for team Bennett with Morgan an unlucky 7th in the final after some great motos. Great racing guys. James McDowell picking up 3rd in the B final after some good laps on his expert debut showing his talent. Great start James, keep going, you will only get better now you are in expert.

Lewis Holmes took a 7th after making it through to the A final in the 12 boys with Ethan Duffy making a very impressive 3rd, riding up two age groups. Good results guys.

Ben Cotton and Joe Burns also made regional expert debuts in the 13 boys and both rode well in particular Ben who pulled some nice berm moves to take 6th and Joe not far behind with a 7th.

15 boys is another strong class with Mason Chidley taking the win after a final corner move and Charlie Yates taking a great 3rd. Joe Cotton picked up 7th and Thomas Garner picked up 8th after some squeezing in the first corner in the A final left them both with a bit to do. Good rides and unlucky in the A final Joe and Thomas. Joe Saunders was hugely unlucky after flying out of the gate and leading the B final he was another to fall victim going into the first victim, and while Joe was the innocent victim he couldn’t recover from the pirouette and came home 4th.

16 boys saw Ricardo Addeymellor taking a hugely impressive 1st, 2nd,1st in the motos but couldn’t quite find a way through in the final and having to settle for 2nd.

In the Men’s class (which did include Ria Goodman) James Tresman pulled in the win in the B final with Phil Critchlow taking 5th in the A after some good motos including a 1st.

So to Championship Female and Zoe Politis lead every inch of the way in every moto to take top spot in a very impressive performance obviously trying to emulate club and GHP team mate Louise Abbott in the clean sweep stakes.

17-29 male certainly led the way for thrills, spills and first corner carnage. Josh Hanlon managed to keep out of trouble to take 2nd in the A final trying to chase down winner Jordan Hayes. After chaos in the semi saw five riders going down in the first corner, this left Rob Hawker, George Hawker and Matt Saunders battling in the B final and after more chaos George “moses” Hawker talk the win after plotting a course through with Coach Rob taking second and the unlucky Matt Saunders coming home 8th after hitting the ground for the 2nd time. More Unlucky was Jack Critchlow, who after an impressive winter could not make into the semis after a crash. Back for the next one Jack.

So that was Knowsley. Ride of the day goes to Riccardo for his first moto, recovering from unclipping on the gate to take 1st. Performance of the day has to go to Zoe for a clean sweep, with mentions going to Alex Heaven too for a clean sweep, Ethan Duffy for taking 3rd riding up two age groups and Charlie Yates for taking on a long track on two bikes. Well done to all though, you are all doing the club and yourselves proud.

Thanks to all at Knowsley for putting on a great event first time out, all the team at the North region, the medical team, Simon on commentary and all the parents, friends and supporters from MBMX for making it so great. See you all at the next one BMXicans.