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So Sunday brought out more sun and was a little warmer. Early start to the action and a little rebellion from the Commentary team over the sound levels saw the atmosphere rise a notch. First up again was Louise Abbot…Read more

So after the long drive to Kent (and I mean long) we were treated to some great racing and the sun shone bright. So to the action race fans and after the indoor round it was a full set of…Read more

Wow, the regional series kicked off with 257 riders making the tripĀ  to Knowsley. A great new venue making its regional debut. With a massive 53 riders from Manchester the pressure on space in the gazebo is going to be…Read more

So as the super Saturday series starts the sun came out and it looked like spring was in the air. It was still not quite as warm as it looked though but the action was hot. Plenty of thrills and…Read more