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Latest News 18/06/08

Manchester track is finally finished. Builders are off site and the club have access for club sessions on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

North Region Summer Series Round 8

The final round of the summer series will take place at Manchester Platt Fields track on Sunday 10th of August. Dont miss it, this will be the best regional this year!

Noth Region Summer Series Points After Hartlepool


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Platt Fields BMX Track

The Manchester Platt Fields facility is now complete and here are a selection of photos showing the jumps and layout of the track.
start hill Start Hill.
jump1 Jump 1:
5m Doubles.

Jump 2:
6m Double Step Up.


7m Big Doubles.

berm1 First Berm.
jump 4

Jump 4:
4.5m Doubles.

jump 5 Jump 5:
5.5m Doubles.
jump 6 Jump 6:
7m Triples.
berm 2 Exit from berm 2.
jump 7

Jump 7:
4m Doubles.

stepupdown Jump 8:
Step Up
Step Down
jump 9

Jump 9:
5m Double.

berm3 Third berm.

Last straight:
Rhythm section.

pens The pens and entrance to start hill.


Manchester BMX Track Build Archive

January 2008 - The builders have been busy over the last month laying drainage and services for the track facility. The jumps are finally starting to take shape and here are the first pictures of the first two straights.

bmx track

First Doubles

Side view of the first set of doubles on the first straight. You can also see the large triples on second straight in the background.

bmx track

First Straight

Looking backwards down the first straight from the first berm. First doubles and step up to double now taking shape nicely. No start hill yet.

bmx track build

Second Straight

Looking down the second straight from the first berm. You can also see the first straight to the left.


Track And Site Plans

Track And Jump Design PDFbmx track

Platt Fields Site Plan PDFbmx site plan