What a Cracker!! Always nice to open the season with a bang, it pumps you up for the long season ahead. Over 700 riders plus 50+ elites making this first round a real showcase for BMX racing. Well done to Nicky Hawker for pulling this one together and massive props to Rockfield Media for all the social media updates and the awesome bespoke medals for the kids.

There were some awesome performances by Manchester riders and plenty of newbies stepping up for the first time at national level. Take a bow newbies, I hope you enjoyed it and sorry if you don’t get a mention. If you didn’t enjoy it, then you need to know that racing at the indoor is unique and a little more stressful than outdoor events, so there’s nothing to worry about, it’ll only get easier.

Stand out performances were:
Flynn Drelincourt and Gabe Simpson in the 7’s had a great battle in round 2. Gabe took the win on Sunday and Flynn smoked them on Saturday. Great to see James Criddle in the mix as well, keep smiling James.

Harry Tanner in the 8’s was always going to be the one to watch. Harry’s getting close to a national win already, taking a 2nd and 3rd in a stacked class.

In the 9’s, Curtis Sveikutis, Aaron Davy and Liam Doyle have put plenty of time on their bike and will be A-Final contenders this year for sure. B-finals this time round, which is no mean achievement.

Ethan Duffy is back on form, looking happy and bossing the 11 year olds lap after lap. A double win for Ethan is no less than he deserves. Well done Young Duffy lad.

Great to see Katy Cosgrove and Emily Clinch making 11-12 mains and Kirsten Dillon starting to find her race legs again with 2 B finals.

Super skills and a nice down to earth kid is Matthew Gilston. Riding for new sponsors, Matt did them proud with a 4th and a 3rd in the 12’s. Wil Blevs continues to improve with a couple of B-Finals to take home. Sam Bennett came close both days, but with skills like that, he’ll be one to watch without a doubt.

Lewis Holmes is a bona-fide A-Final rider in the 13’s, but only B’s this weekend. It’ll come Lewis, stay relaxed and it’ll happen. Just checked the results and it says relegated at R2…woo, bit of controversy then.

Some super riding by Leanne Henshall had everyone on their feet for her semi on day 2, but she was just pipped on the line. Two 13-14 B-finals this time around, but the A main is coming her way soon.

Mason Chidley has stepped up an age group to race against the 15 year olds. It definitely paid off at the weekend with a well-deserved 5th and a 3rd. Outstanding Mason!

In the 15-16’s, we were blessed with great rides from Olivia Blevins and Courtney Heaney making B finals on both days. Leah Clinch looked on fine form with 5th and 3rd respectively in the A mains.

In 17-29, Andy Clucas took a 2nd on Saturday and lucked out on Sunday coming down hard in the 2nd corner. A few broken bones to add to Andy’s woes, get well soon Andy. Coach Hawker won’t be happy with a couple of b-finals and I’m sure there will be plenty of riders at Platty next Tuesday who will show zero sympathy. Let him have it..haha.

In Vets, Trev Woods missed out on one day, but got into the B-Final on the other. Manchester kit designer Andrew Drelincourt was pushing for an A and came close on day 2, but had to settle for the B on both days.

Championship Men has really taken on the look of a category that could mix it with the Elites. Once Elite and Championship merge from R3, expect some of these boys to be making Elite Finals. Cal Strickland took the honours on both days with Coach Mike making the main on day 2.

Harrison Drelincourt has reinvented himself as a Cruiser rider and it went pretty damn well with a 2nd and a 3rd in the B finals. Come on Harrison, have it next time.

In 40-44 Cruiser, Big Duffy had a mare on Sunday, but took a well-deserved 4th place on Saturday. We all have off days Duffy lad, back on it at Cyclo-Park for sure.

Karl Sanderson is back on form and looking great with two 3rd places in 45+ Cruiser and Jason Bennett just missed out on a b-final on Saturday but made 6th in the B on Sunday.

What can you say about Louise Abbott that hasn’t already been said? Despite working 10+ hours a day, Louise still finds time for double wins in 30+ Cruiser and hanging about with Coach Hawker.

Right then, who’s for a club race with 5 minute gaps between Motos? See you Saturday for R1 of the Manchester Super Saturday Summer Series.