We’re approaching that time of year again when we put away our bikes, pack away all our pads, jerseys and race-pants in the back of the spare wardrobe and wait for spring.
You can come and be part of the Manchester BMX indoor sessions at the purpose built £24M venue.

Test your nerve on the 5metre start hill and recently reconfigured Olympic standard track.

Cost: £5 per rider
To come to our Wednesday night sessions you must be a member of Manchester BMX and you must have your own equipment.
If you’re not a member already, you can join on the night, simply fill out a membership form here and bring it with you to your first session. We will have forms available to fill in at the door but do you really want to be filling in forms when you can be riding?
If you become a member of MBMX at any of our indoor sessions your membership will be valid through 2019.


Important stuff:
To make the most of this opportunity and make sure that the sessions are safe and fun for all, it is important that riders respect the rules. These session are very popular and we have a wide range of rider ages and experience in attendance, so regardless of any rules you are accustomed to on any other sessions, everyone must obey our club rules for this session:

Access to the track
This will be via the start hill, and the start of the second straight only.
Access to the start of the second straight will be only when instructed by Marshals.

Exiting the track
This will be at the end of the second straight and the finish line only.
Riders wishing to exit at the end of the second straight must ride on the left hand side of the straight. Don’t cut across the end of the straight at the last moment! (not even if you’re riding a Chopper and your name is Chopper “carve ’em up” Harris).

Waiting on the track
Waiting will only be permitted on the last jump on the first straight and the last jump on the second straight. This will be restricted to the pro-side only, and riders will be expected to move on quickly. Please do not stop on these jumps if they are already full or busy with other riders.
If riders refuse to adhere when these areas are constantly busy, then no waiting will be allowed. Riders must wait for permission to ride from the Marshals before setting off from these positions.

Respect and listen to the volunteers at all times
Volunteers are there because they love the sport and want everyone to enjoy it, they are giving up their own time to help out and keep the session safe.
Failure to obey instructions may result in a warning and exclusion from further sessions.
A yellow and red card system will be in operation so riders who consistently do not obey the rules or adhere to the instructions of the marshals will be excluded from future sessions.


Still reading? great.

Don’t forget there is a very popular indoor race series over the winter. It’s hugely contested and a great way to keep your race lines and carving skills sharp. The Wednesday night MBMX indoor sessions is (imho) the best way to access the track and hone your racing ability.