So Sunday brought out more sun and was a little warmer. Early start to the action and a little rebellion from the Commentary team over the sound levels saw the atmosphere rise a notch.

First up again was Louise Abbot who again was on top form taking the win. Could do with a few more girls in Cruiser classes for MBMX but Louise has set out on strong start to the year.

30-39 saw a shortened appearance from James Tresman due to illness but a solid 11th spot none the less. Andy Drelincourt posted a nice 13th spot after some great racing and Jamie Duffy  finishing 10th in a class that had some really tight racing on the day.

After a very strong showing on Saturday Roger Wilbraham who is on a mission for the worlds showed class taking the win, a first national win since 2001. Amazing.

And the fine performances kept coming with Kirsten Dillon going even better on the Sunday and making it to the podium with a fine 3rd place. Fantastic riding Kirsten. A tough day in the 11-12s with Izzy Hines taking a B final win to finish 9th and Katy Cosgrove picking up some good results and finishing 18th. More good riding from Hannah Baker in the 13-14 class saw a 14th place finish.

More great action in the Championship saw Valerie Zebrokova squeezed out in the final picking up a 5th place.

Flynn Drelincourt was on fire again and looked set for another top finish but got a bad start in the final, recovering well to pick up a 3rd place and more good riding from Alexander Skjelten picking up 6th place.  Sam Tucker again showed how much he has improved with some good laps to take 19th in the 7s with Harry Tanner doing even better taking a 7th in the main after some great motos.

Ethan Duffy was obviously in determined mood after the gate incident on the Saturday and was on fire all day. Despite his best efforts a close 2nd in the A final probably was not what he wanted but still a great performance and I am sure Ethan will be on it at the next round.

11 boys saw a lot of places swapping from Saturday with Morgan Chidley  dropping to 34th but Will Blevins, Sam Benett and Saul Jeffrey making it through. Saul eventually picking 5th in his quarter missing out by less than half a wheel. Unlucky Saul, next time mate. More good rides from Sam and Will but again not quite squeezing through in a tight class.

Ben Cotton picked up where he left off on the Saturday with some good laps and showing he is catching the rest in the 13s. Always smiling and a good start to a national career.

With plenty of spills in the 14s Mason Chidley kept a calm head and made it through to the final and picking up a fantastic 2nd place. Great reward for some great effort.

Joe Cotton again was the only rider in the 15s for MBMX and put some good laps, managing to avoid any falls unlike on the Saturday and picked up a good 28th spot which on a normal day would have seen him into the quarters. A few less spills in the 16s on the Sunday and Jack Critchlow unlucky in the A final and picked up 8th spot and Riccardo Addeymellor showing some style on his way to a fine 13th spot.

Action packed again in the 17-29 with George Hawker sliding out and having to settle for 32nd. Rob Hawker was unlucky to be taken out twice and having to settle for 15th meanwhile out front business as usual with Andy Clucas taking the win.

Masters saw James Tressman again doubling up but having to cut his day short. Vets saw Phil Critchlow riding well through the spills to get a 13th spot.

Championship men and elite men saw more chaos in the motos with Matt Saunders riding well and making the most of it picking up a 10th spot and Josh Hanlon making 6th. A real lottery this class and anything can happen on the day.

Elite men saw both Kane Herbert and Jacob Roberts falling victim to the chaos and both missing out with Kane finishing 13th and Jacob finishing 11th and with a bit of an ankle injury so hopefully that heals up for the super X next weekend. Further up front Cal Strickland managed to finish 4th after staying out of trouble on both days and looking strong. Bit of a shout out here to Quillan Isidore who took the win on Sunday. Not a MBMX rider but an awesome guy and after the crash at Birmingham last year it was great to see him looking good. Nice one Quillan.

So nearly the end of a great BMX weekend, as always thanks to the staff at Cyclopark, the medical team, the Commentary team, The BC officials and a special mention to my man DJ Superfly Ry for the inspired tunes during the unplanned interval due to the gate malfunction. Healin vibes to the injured and well done to all. Some great performances from MBMX riders doing yourself proud, Harry Tanner, Louise Abbot, Kirsten Dillon and Flynn Drelincourt stand out but the ride of the weekend, showing that he knew all along what he is talking about, Roger Wilbraham. Bring on the worlds.

That’s it BMXicans, time for the long trip home, have a safe one and see you in Crewe.