Photo Courtesy Of Abi Taylor: https://www.facebook.com/abitaylorphoto

After the not so long drive down this year, it seems the traffic was nicer than usual, we were greeted with sunshine and a lovely Friday evening practice. The same cannot be said for Saturday morning when we hit with a bit of wild weather. The rain stopped for the afternoon but the wind remained. The wind played a big part in the event with the pro section being closed on the Sunday which was even windier.
Despite the weather there was some great riding and results on Saturday but Sunday turned out to be a tough one for MBMX with many fallers and riders narrowly missing out. Big big shout out to Matty Gilston who was the first rider to take a trip to A&E after a spectacular crash on Sunday. Reports are nothing too serious but in plaster for a week. Second rider to sample the southern casualty department was Jamie Duffy who was an innocent victim in a crash and has a serious wrist injury. The injury is so bad he is still darn sarf!! Big thanks to the Doublecross folks for helping Ethan get home and friend of the club Ria Goodman who was willing to sacrifice racing to take Jamie’s van home. That’s what makes it such a great sport.

So to the action and block one racing. Cruisers first, and after sitting out Saturday Charlie Yates was into the thick of it taking four 3rd places in the motos and the grand prix. A tough weekend for Harrison Drelincourt who rode well in tough and large class, missing out on the semis on both days but creditable finishes in 20th and 21st. Starting to look really good on the cruiser Harrison. Semis are not far away. In the 30-39 cruisers Sean Piatt had a great day making the A final and picking up 8th on Saturday but couldn’t repeat this on the Sunday, missing out on the final.

Jamie Duffy was looking in full race mode in the 40-44s and narrowly missed out on the A final and had to settle for 3rd in the B pulling off some great moves on the way. Despite looking set for another good result in the B final on the Sunday it wasn’t to be. In the 45+ Jason Bennett was right in the mix and just missed out on the semis both days and picked up a 19th and 21st. Meanwhile Karl Sanderson was on fire charging to 3rd place on both days.

So to 30 females and it was normal service all the way as the incredible Louise Abbott took the win in every lap on both days. Absolutely brilliant to watch.

To the young guns then, and not the weekend Flyin Flynn Drelincourt had planned. Despite looking great all day the semi didn’t go to plan leaving Flynn to prove his class by taking the win in the B final. Sunday was worse with Flynn not making it through the quarters. Don’t worry Flynn, sure will bounce back and looking forward to seeing you do it. Meanwhile Gabe Simpson was mixing it well and took a very nice 4th place in the B final on the Saturday and then smashed it on his way to the main event and a7th place on the Sunday. Great weekend for Gabe. Jack Bennett was getting stuck into the action but narrowly missed out on the semis on Saturday finishing 23rd and then moved up on Sunday finally finishing 19th. James Criddle got some great moto results and narrowly missed out on the Semis on Saturday. Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend was seeing the smile on James’ face when he rolled over the line on Sunday knowing he had made it to the semis. Brilliant and that is what BMX is all about.

In the 8s it was a mixed weekend for the MBMX riders with Sam Tucker being motoed on both days in a large and tough class. Keep going Sam, you have come on so much lately I am sure this is a temporary setback. At the other end Harry Tanner was absolutely on fire and went so close on the Saturday with a 2nd place. Not content with this he then went one better and took 1st place on the Sunday. Congratulations Harry and a nice early birthday present.

A tough weekend for the 9s with 49 riders in the class. Saturday saw James Jackson, Aaron Davy and Liam Doyle miss out on the quarters and Curtis Sveikutis make it through but missing out on the semis. On Sunday it was great to see them all improve with Aaron narrowly missing out on the quarters, while James, Curtis and Liam all made it through and were all in contention for the semis but just missing out. This is a tough class with some surprisingly experienced riders for the age so these guys are all catching up fast.

With no riders in the 10s for MBMX (have we really got no national riders in this age group?) it was onto the 11s. Nice to see Ethan Duffy being joined by Adam Tattersall in the class and it was a good weekend for Adam with some good moto results and making the quarters on Saturday picking up 23rd but Adam was unable to repeat this and missed out on the quarters on the Sunday. Safe to say cyclopark is not Ethan’s favourite venue but he was looking impressive throughout the weekend and picked up 2nd spot on the Saturday and in amongst seeing his Dad injured made 4th place on the Sunday. Brilliant Ethan.

Another big turn out in the 12s and Saturday saw some great riding from all the MBMX riders with Matt Gilston looking strong and going all the way to 3rd spot on the podium, Will Blevins making it to the Semis and picking up 6th place in the B final. Sam Bennett made it through safely to the quarters but that was it for Sam on the day. Matt Gilston’s spectacular off on Sunday brought his day to an end and meant he couldn’t repeat the success of the day before. Will Blevins again made the quarters but this time was squeezed out of the semis. Sam Bennett improved on Sunday but still could not quite find a way to get through to the semis. Unlucky Sam and heal fast Matt.

Only Lewis Holmes in the 13s but he represented the club in style looking super fast and handling the conditions and picking up some excellent moto results on his way to the quarters on both days, making the semis on Saturday but narrowly missed out on the semis on Sunday but still finished with a very creditable 17th to follow up his 7th place in the B final from the day before.

Another solo rider in the 14s and with 32 riders it was about as tough as it gets but Ben Cotton was on top form and got some great moto results. Incredibly Ben missed out on the Semis despite tying on points with the rider in 16th. Couldn’t get any closer. Sunday was a different story with Ben making it through to the semis and a 6th place in the B final to complete a great weekend for Ben.

Only Mason Chidley in the 15s and it proved to be a very mixed weekend for Mason. Storming his way to the A final and 2nd spot on the Saturday and in fine form on Sunday until an off in the quarters saw him miss out on the semis and finish in 17th. About as different as you can get there Mason, unlucky for the Sunday.
A tough weekend for the 16s with the three guys getting the track dialled in practice but the wind caused havoc and there were falls a plenty. Fortunately they all avoided the carnage except for a small slide out for Tom Garner. Some good moto results but neither Tom, Joe Cotton or Charlie Yates could make it out of the motos on either day.

Now for the little ladies. One girl who always seem to have a smile on her face and despite an off track tumble (stay off the roller boots) and being in the lower end of the age group Millie took to the track in determined style but missed out on the A final on both days. Keep training Millie, getting better all the time.

A tough class in the 11-12 girls with some very talented riders. It proved tough for the three girls from MBMX but Emily Clinch and Katy Cosgrove battled well to make the semis on both days. On the Saturday both missed out on the main but made up for it with Emily taking the B final win and Katy taking 2nd spot. A tough weekend for Sophie Piatt who missed out on the semis on both days but improved on the Sunday and finished two places higher than on the Saturday. Well done Sophie. Meanwhile Emily went one better and made it to the main final and an 8th place finish on Sunday and Katy who narrowly missed out on the A final claimed another B final 2nd place.

After a fall in practice Leanne Henshall was suffering with a sore wrist but took to the track alongside Hannah Baker and both girls did themselves proud, but another fall in the first moto for Leanne meant it was going to be tough to make it through to the final and so it proved. Leanne eventually finished 11th and despite some great motos Hannah missed out narrowly finishing 9th. Sunday saw roles reversed with Hannah taking a heavy fall in the first moto but recovering well in the next motos and finishing 10th, while Leanne went so close finishing 9th. Only going to get better for these two riding with each other.

Another 3 girls did battle in the 15-16 girls which is great to see. In a strong class Olivia Blevins did herself proud making the semis and finishing 4th in the B final while giving away a lot in terms of experience to the others. Kerri Turner and Leah Clinch made it through the semis and into the A final and in a very tight race Kerri found a way through to finish 4th but Leah was stuck in the traffic and finished 7th. Sunday saw Olivia miss out through illness and Kerri again make it through to the A final and claim 6th place to finish a good weekends work for Kerri. Leah didn’t have the day she had planned and missed out on the A final and finished 16th on the day.

So 17-24 next and a tough class. None other than Coach Rob Hawker took to the track looking all shiny and clean and was in the thick of all weekend. Not to be outdone Nathan Turner was in the mix and amidst all the chaos made but a good show but missed out on the quarters on both days. Coach Rob was proving he knows his stuff on the way to the quarters but missed out on the semis picking up 17th and 18th places.
In the 30+ it was Sean Piatt who followed up from his cruiser with some good rides but missed out on the final on both days but Paul Bakewell made it through and picked up 6th spot on the Saturday and 7th on the Sunday.

Saturday saw Phil Crithclow and Andy Drelincourt take to the track in the 40+ and Andy took his OS20 into the semis but missed out on the final and came home in a very determined 2nd spot in the B final. No such luck for Phil who missed out on the semis. Sunday went better with Phil making through to the semis and picking up 6th spot in the B final while Andy went all the way to the main and a 3rd place finish.

6 Riders in the Championship men, mixed in with the elite it was set to be a tough weekend. All of them made it through to the quarters on both days but Ricardo Addeymellor, Matt Saunders, Jack Critchlow and Jacob Roberts all missed out on the semis on Saturday while Mike Hawker made it through and took 3rd in the B final. In the main final Cal Strickland stormed his way to 2nd spot on the podium. With the pro section closed on Sunday the racing bunched up and was even closer, Matt and Ricardo both improved but missed the semis again as did Mike Hawker but Jack made it through and claimed 6th spot in the B final. Jacob Roberts put Saturdays disappointment behind him to make it into the main final and made 6th while Cal just missed the podium with a 4th place to bring a great weekend to a close.

So that was cyclopark and it was windy. I have to say I saw some very upset kids and angry parents but am proud of the behaviour and atmosphere of everyone at MBMX. Aaron Davy and Leanne Henshall in particular did a great job of cheering people on. Plenty of great performances – Louise Abbott (again), Cal Strickland and plenty of riders going better than they had before. For me the three stand-out performances were Harry Tanner for his 2nd and 1st places, Ben Cotton who really stepped up his performance and a guy who is pretty new to racing and had the biggest smile on the day, well apart from Mille Tanner, James Criddle. Well done all and thanks as always to Cyclopark, the greycoats, the medical team and the commentators. Healin vibes to the fallers and there were many.
See you at the next one, North of the border.


2015 Super Saturday Series – Round 1

Crikey, 132 riders. It’s only round 1. Looks like it’s going to be a great series and round 1 got it all off to a amazing start. With lots of riders stepping into the expert category after last year it was going to be interesting to see how they would fare but with riders coming from far and wide competition was hot even if the weather was a bit chilly. Apologies if you don’t get a mention but there are way too many.

As usual then it is the little uns where we start and the 6 and under novices. 6 guys took to the track and no doubt that Josh Slater was the star of the day showing how rad he is by taking 4 wins from 4. Meanwhile behind places swapped between Devon Brokenbrow, James Warren, Lexi Waite who didn’t let the boys have it all their own way, Lucas Harris and James Rowley.
11 riders in the 7-8s and again places were swapping in some good race action but it was Max Allen who took the win from Joshua Harris and Kyal Smith.

In the 9-10 novices it was Connor Lunn-Squires who took the win from Alex Pritchard with results again swapping showing how tight these classes are. Special mention to Isobel Hurst and Amelia Beston who took on the boys.

It was grand prix for the 11-12 novices with Jack Francis eventually claiming top spot ahead of the impressive looking Iwan Brisbane and Louie Ellis.

With so many 30+ novices in last year’s series it was amazing to see 8 taking to the gate this time round . With Adam Wilks taking four wins the action was behind where Mark Whitehead led the chase ahead of Andy Unsworth and Tim Doyle.

A big well done to all the novices especially those who rode in their first race. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Onto the experts then and some strong fields with many riders moving up to expert from last year. So 6 and under boys then and it was Eben Cousin who led the way from a hard chasing Felix Lopez and Theo Rowles. Coming home 4th was Laurie Anne Carruthers battling it out with the boys and pipped Oliver Unsworth.
7-8 girls was mixed with 9-10 and was dominated by Ava Brown who took all four wins ahead of Alexis Beston, Alesha Allen, Kaylen Davies and the ever smiling Millie Tanner.

Flyin Flynn Drelincourt dominated the 7-8 boys but was chased all the way by the ever improving James Criddle and Oakley Kettle. Rounding out the class were Tyler McHugh, Sam Tucker Edward Rowley and Jacob Hughes.

13 guys hit the track in the 9-10 boys and some close racing in every moto made it a great class to watch. Curtis Sveikutis took the win in a great final ahead of a hard charging Harry Tanner and W5 Felix Twitchett. Coming home 4th was Liam Doyle who is really starting to show some great form. Some great performances too from those stepping up into expert. With Christopher Atkinson, Tyler Kendall and Taylor Yardley coming home next. Sadly a tumble and a damaged finger for Aaron Davy left him to finish 8th. Hopefully nothing too serious Aaron. Alex Heaven took the B final win from Elijah Shearer, James Furness, Cameron Richards Cooper and Tom Brookes.

A full 16 riders in the 11-12 boys and Ethan Duffy showed his class and track knowledge to take the win from Chad Hartwell, Oliver Cope and Will Blevins. Harrison Drelincourt looking good on his cruiser took the B final win and a great effort from both Toby Allen and Theo Borzsony moving into expert and taking on some big names. Well done guys.

11-12-13-14 girls was dominated by Hannah Baker who is really looking hungrier and faster each time with Molly Shearer clinching second spot from Robyn Paton. Meanwhile Katy Cosgrove won the battle of the 11-12s from Sophie Piatt and Katy really chased the older girls hard.

15-16 boys was mixed with the 13-14s and it brought some great racing. Out front Tom Garner took the final win from Charlie Yates who had had the edge in the motos with great close racing from the pair all day with Joe Cotton joining in the fun in third place. Luke Pritchard took 5th in his first expert race recovering after a spill in the first moto. Top of the 13-14s for MBMX was Ben Cotton who made the A final and picked up 7th spot just behind Alex Rhodes.

One of the most competitive classes is 15-16 and 17-29 girls. It looked like it was going to be dominated by an on fire Nicole Whyne who took the first two wins but Courtney Heaney battled back to take the last two wins but Nicole took the win on the day. As always there were places swapping and Maisie Kendall held on for third in some wheel to wheel action (literally) from Olivia Blevins who took a fall while leading the last moto. Unlucky Olivia and healin vibes.

Big thanks to guys from GET racing for turning out in force and certainly led the way in the 17-29s with TJ Yates taking the win from Kody Evans and our very own Ricardo Addymellor. Taking 4th was the coach himself Rob Hawker showing he does know what he is talking about.

So to 30+men and a mix of experience with some seasoned pros and many stepping up from last year. Dylan Jackson just had a little too much in his dual with Jamie Duffy with Nigel Smith joining in the action at the front. Also joining in the fun in 5th was our other coach Fred Barlow who showed he has still got it. Fred was joined in the A final by Alistair Rowley, Felix Lopez and Adam Hill, not forgetting Rob Beere who took 4th. Adrian Kendall took the B final win from Ian McDowell and Algis Sveikutis. Great to see Marc Holmes back in action and a very good performance took him to 4th in the B final ahead of the duelling duo of Adam Yates and Sean Piatt who battled all day with Adam having the edge on the day.

So round 1 done, despite the cold it was a great day. Thanks to all the riders and the people that came down to support and made the atmosphere so good. A huge huge mention to the admin team who made the whole thing work with such big numbers. Some great rides and some great battles but rider of the day goes to Josh Slater who was just great.

See you at the next one.



What a Cracker!! Always nice to open the season with a bang, it pumps you up for the long season ahead. Over 700 riders plus 50+ elites making this first round a real showcase for BMX racing. Well done to Nicky Hawker for pulling this one together and massive props to Rockfield Media for all the social media updates and the awesome bespoke medals for the kids.

There were some awesome performances by Manchester riders and plenty of newbies stepping up for the first time at national level. Take a bow newbies, I hope you enjoyed it and sorry if you don’t get a mention. If you didn’t enjoy it, then you need to know that racing at the indoor is unique and a little more stressful than outdoor events, so there’s nothing to worry about, it’ll only get easier.

Stand out performances were:
Flynn Drelincourt and Gabe Simpson in the 7’s had a great battle in round 2. Gabe took the win on Sunday and Flynn smoked them on Saturday. Great to see James Criddle in the mix as well, keep smiling James.

Harry Tanner in the 8’s was always going to be the one to watch. Harry’s getting close to a national win already, taking a 2nd and 3rd in a stacked class.

In the 9’s, Curtis Sveikutis, Aaron Davy and Liam Doyle have put plenty of time on their bike and will be A-Final contenders this year for sure. B-finals this time round, which is no mean achievement.

Ethan Duffy is back on form, looking happy and bossing the 11 year olds lap after lap. A double win for Ethan is no less than he deserves. Well done Young Duffy lad.

Great to see Katy Cosgrove and Emily Clinch making 11-12 mains and Kirsten Dillon starting to find her race legs again with 2 B finals.

Super skills and a nice down to earth kid is Matthew Gilston. Riding for new sponsors, Matt did them proud with a 4th and a 3rd in the 12’s. Wil Blevs continues to improve with a couple of B-Finals to take home. Sam Bennett came close both days, but with skills like that, he’ll be one to watch without a doubt.

Lewis Holmes is a bona-fide A-Final rider in the 13’s, but only B’s this weekend. It’ll come Lewis, stay relaxed and it’ll happen. Just checked the results and it says relegated at R2…woo, bit of controversy then.

Some super riding by Leanne Henshall had everyone on their feet for her semi on day 2, but she was just pipped on the line. Two 13-14 B-finals this time around, but the A main is coming her way soon.

Mason Chidley has stepped up an age group to race against the 15 year olds. It definitely paid off at the weekend with a well-deserved 5th and a 3rd. Outstanding Mason!

In the 15-16’s, we were blessed with great rides from Olivia Blevins and Courtney Heaney making B finals on both days. Leah Clinch looked on fine form with 5th and 3rd respectively in the A mains.

In 17-29, Andy Clucas took a 2nd on Saturday and lucked out on Sunday coming down hard in the 2nd corner. A few broken bones to add to Andy’s woes, get well soon Andy. Coach Hawker won’t be happy with a couple of b-finals and I’m sure there will be plenty of riders at Platty next Tuesday who will show zero sympathy. Let him have it..haha.

In Vets, Trev Woods missed out on one day, but got into the B-Final on the other. Manchester kit designer Andrew Drelincourt was pushing for an A and came close on day 2, but had to settle for the B on both days.

Championship Men has really taken on the look of a category that could mix it with the Elites. Once Elite and Championship merge from R3, expect some of these boys to be making Elite Finals. Cal Strickland took the honours on both days with Coach Mike making the main on day 2.

Harrison Drelincourt has reinvented himself as a Cruiser rider and it went pretty damn well with a 2nd and a 3rd in the B finals. Come on Harrison, have it next time.

In 40-44 Cruiser, Big Duffy had a mare on Sunday, but took a well-deserved 4th place on Saturday. We all have off days Duffy lad, back on it at Cyclo-Park for sure.

Karl Sanderson is back on form and looking great with two 3rd places in 45+ Cruiser and Jason Bennett just missed out on a b-final on Saturday but made 6th in the B on Sunday.

What can you say about Louise Abbott that hasn’t already been said? Despite working 10+ hours a day, Louise still finds time for double wins in 30+ Cruiser and hanging about with Coach Hawker.

Right then, who’s for a club race with 5 minute gaps between Motos? See you Saturday for R1 of the Manchester Super Saturday Summer Series.

Round 4 Racing under the roof.

Well that is it, the racing under the roof series comes to end. What a series it has been with great action across all classes, thrills, spills and with the last round selling out quicker than a One Direction tour I am it will be back later in the year. Don’t worry though folks the regionals, nationals and club races are just around the corner.

With a couple of riders missing with injury it was great to see some newcomers riding for MBMX. Hopefully all the admin is sorted out now so a big welcome to our newcomers Matthew Gilston and Emily and Leah Clinch. Healin vibes to Charlie Yates and Olivia Blevins, hope you are all fit for the national.

So to the action and in the 8 and under novices it was an impressive turnout from MBMX not with the numbers but with the quality too. Some great moto results from all the riders with Max and Alesha Allen leading the way with 3 wins each on the way to the A final with great support from Declan Cunningham and Joshua Harris also making their way to the A final. At the lower end of the age group Josh Slater and Lexi Waite really got stuck in and gave a great account of themselves but ultimately missing out on the final. It’s a big track for such little legs so well done guys. It looked set for battle of the Allens but to show what a competitive class it is Max took the win with Joshua Harris taking second spot from Alesha and Declan Cunningham coming home 4th. Great stuff.

Only one MBMX rider in the 9-11 novices and it was good solid riding from Brandon Heselton who took, 4th, 4th, 3rd and then 5th in the last moto. Well done Brandon and very respectable 5th place in the standings to boot.

Two riders in the12-14 novices and they were battling and swapping places all day. Great to see such determination in the novice classes. Eventually it was George Bedford who took 3rd winning the dual with Theo Borzsony who took 4th.
Safe to say there is a bit of a gap in age across the 15+ novice with Luke Pritchard at the lower end picking up a full set of wins on the day with Ged Ratchford a little further up the age group taking a full set of wins. Luke also claimed the series title. Well done Luke.

Into the experts then and first up was Harrison Drelincourt making his cruiser debut and despite giving away a little in age really looked good and gave the older guys a run for their money and picked up a well deserved 4th place and a 3rd to go with his two fifth spots.

Slightly older cruiser riders next then in the super cruiser class. Another large class and lots of action. Sadly John Bentley’s afternoon started with a fall on the first straight in the first moto. In such a competitive class it was always going to be tough to qualify from there and so it proved with John missing out on the semis. Also missing out was Neil Harbour who missed out by two points and Sean Piatt who keeps improving having only recently moved into such a tough class. Going the right the way to final was Jamie Duffy who showed all his practice at the indoor was worth it making some great racing moves on his way to the A final and a 3rd place finish. Nice one Jamie.

I have to admit it is hard to write a report and make it exciting for Louise Abbott who just wins race after race and so it proved again in the female 15+ cruiser class. Another full set of wins from Louise speaks for itself. Brilliant, nuff said.

So to the little dudes. A small field in the male 5-6 but very competitive with places swapping all over the place with Theo Rowles proving this picking up 3rd, 7th, 4th and 5th with some great laps. Nice one Theo.

It was tough on smiling Mille Tanner in the 5 – 8 girls, tied on points with two other riders and missing out by the narrowest of margins on the Final but a hugely commendable performance from one of the younger riders in the class. Unlucky Mille but getting better and better all the time.

In the male 7-8 it was Harry Tanners turn for team turner and it was all looking good with 3 wins in the motos and then a win in the quarter and semi but with probably his worst gate of the day leaving Harry in the pack going into the first berm and moves a plenty going on it was inevitable that there would be some fallers and sadly Harry got caught up in it and ended on the floor before finishing the lap and taking 8th. Meanwhile it was very promising for other 5 MBMX riders in the class all improving and all 5 making it through to the quarters in a tough class. Sadly for James Criddle, Tyler McHugh and Sam Tucker that was as far as they went with all three narrowly missing out on the semis. Going one step further was Gabe Simpson who made it through to the semis along with Flyin Flynn Drelincourt but neither could find a way through to the final.

Wow. 51 riders in the 9-10 boys class and a strong turnout for MBMX. No mean feat to make it through to the quarters in a class this size and for three guys it was a step too far with Curtis Sveikutis, Alex Heaven and Tyler Kendall who gave a great account of themselves and can take great experience from this. Sadly the quarters is as far as the remaining guys went despite some great rides from Aaron Davy, James Jackson, Taylor Yardley and with Liam Doyle looking fantastic through the motos and picking up a win and a 2nd spot it was no surprise that Liam went closest with a 5th place in the quarter. Tough luck guys but great riding and even better results are just round the corner.
Some big names in the 9-10 girls and a really stacked group but Kaylen Davies really gave a good account of herself while giving away a lot in terms of experience and missed out on the final but showed real determination in every moto.

Male 11-12 is always well represented and so it was again with guys taking to the track. Another large and competitive class saw Connor McHugh miss out on the quarter finals. Some good riding from Adam Tattersall saw him make it through to the quarters and a 6th place. Some solid and consistent riding from Will Blevins saw him through to the semis but narrowly missed out with a 6th place. Making it through were new boy and Euro 3 Matthew Gilston and Ethan Duffy. The pair had some good battles through the day and so it was in the Final with Matthew finishing 5th and Ethan 4th in an exciting final.

3 girls did battle in the 11-12 female class with another newcomer Emily Clinch joining Sophie Piatt and Katy Cosgrove. Sophie, gaining experience and improving all the time but still giving away plenty in terms of experience really got stuck in but was unlucky to miss out on the final. Some good results in a topsy turvy class for Emily and Katy make it through with Katy taking 7th and Emily taking 6th. Great stuff

Despite almost living at the indoor Ben Cotton made it his first winter series race this year and with two brilliant motos put himself right in contention for the semis but sadly missed out finishing tied on points but in the 17th spot in 13-14 male. Nice one Ben

A small but incredibly stacked 13-14 female class saw Leanne Henshall taking some of the country’s best and looked right at home picking some off and chasing hard. Tough day but tough battling from Leanne.

With a few riders missing out on the entry MBMX was still strongly represented in the 15+ female class and with a mix of newer riders and some with good experience behind them it brought some mixed results for the girls. It didn’t quite go Courtney Heaney’s way with the draw giving her a tough job to make it through and despite some great riding and determination it was Courtney who missed out on the final by a single point. Maisie Kendal did go through and again showed how she is improving all the time picking up 8th spot. Meanwhile Kerri-Anne Turner continued her return nicely picking up some moto wins on her way through to the final and having some great battles with Leah Clinch, both girls not giving an inch and duelling all the way round with Kerri getting the upper hand in the motos. In the final Leah flew out of the gate and was chased down hard just taking 3rd spot on the line from Kerri who despite the 4th place in the final still claimed a great 2nd spot in the series.

3 guys in the 15-16 male and a tough tough class. Tom Garner made a good start but then took a bit of aleft turn in the first moto and onto the green stuff that he couldn’t recover from. Despite some good laps Tom couldn’t make it through, next time stay on the track Tom. Brilliant performance from Joe Cotton making the semis for the first time, showing hard work does pay off. Also through to the semis was Mason Chidley who put on a good show but sadly it was as far as both could go with Joe finishing 8th and Mason 7th in the semi.

Into the masters and with the nationals just round the corner it was stacked with looking for a bit of a practice. 3 guys with differing levels of experience took to the track and in a tough class it was the ever improving Adam Yates who missed out on the final. Meanwhile the slightly more experienced Andy Drelincourt rocking the OS20 made it through to the final with some great motos including a win. Andy was joined in the final by Trev Woods who made light of his lack of experience to take some 3rd places on his to the final. With the gate stacked it was going to be a tough one with Trev eventually finishing 7th and Andy right in the mix with a 5th place.

17-29 male saw another strong field and 5 very good MBMX riders battling it out with the rest. In a class where results swap and change and anything can happen it was not to be for Nathan Turner who missed out on the semi finals. Jack Critchlow, Mike Hawker and Ricardo Addeymellor all made it through but it was as far as Ricardo was to go with a 7th place. Into the final and amid the chaos it was Mike who found a way through to 5th with Jack having to settle for 8th. Ahead of all the chaos all day was Cal Strickland who showed his class by taking 3 moto wins, a win in the semi and then final to complete the clean sweep. Awesome display from an awesome rider.

So that’s it. Racing under the roof finished some time to start braving the weather again. Thanks as always to our good friends at four4 events for putting the series on, all the grey coats for doing what they do, the medical crew for looking after everyone and the legend that is Rich Eames for rocking the mic. Another welcome to the new guys racing for MBMX great to have you on board.

A few notable mentions, Trev Woods who I am convinced is some sort of BMX ninja of the past, Max and Alesha Allen, Cal Strickland and Louise Abbott but I am picking out three riders in particular this week, Harrison Drelincourt who rode in 13-16 cruisers while being in the 12s class and ran them close making a very promising start to cruiser racing. A good year ahead I think Harrison. Liam Doyle who was on fire in the motos, showing all the practice and Rob’s coaching pays off and Ben Cotton who looked great in the first two motos. One more place in the last moto Ben.

Right that’s it from me, hope you all enjoyed it and onto the next one. Congrats to those who picked up podium places and series trophies.
See you all soon race fans.

Hello again race fans, and it is a return to action at the ever popular indoor series and at a bit of racing under the roof. What a good idea.

As always the first race after Christmas brings new bikes and kits out making a test for all those watching. First up a big shout out to Dominic Skidmore who took a heavy one in the 17-29 final. Healin vibes. Also a mention to Leanne Henshall who missed this one being ill. Get well soon Leanne.

To the action then, and what a start. 8 and under novices packed with MBMX riders and they took the top four spots with Max Allen pipping Alesha Allen for first followed home by Joshua Harris and Declan Cunningham and a great effort from Lexi Waite who missed out on the A final. These little guys set the standard for those to follow.

A bit tougher for the 9-11 novices but Brandon Heselton did himself proud on the way to a 4th place finish with some great results from James Furness and Tom Brookes on their way to A final too.

A small but strong field in the 12-14 novices but is always great to see Theo Borzsony out on the track. Hard racing saw him pick some 4th places in the motos on the way to a 5th place finish. Keep up the training Theo, getting quicker all the time.

Not sure there were too many riders close to the 15 end of the 15+ novice age group but some good laps from Ged Ratchford saw him pick up 3rd place. Nice one Ged.

Into the experts and cruisers first and straight out of the gate and into another clean sweep was Louise Abbott but she had a real scare, well two actually, one on the second straight and then being pushed all the way to the line in the first moto by Joanna Kistle. Business as usual after that from Louise. Awesome.

Great to see some of last year’s novices stepping up and into supercruiser. Fun filled action packed racing as always with Adie Kendal showing some speed but sadly both Adie and Sean Piatt (tired from the day before) missed out on the A final, along with Stuart Eastmead and John Bentley who looked in fine form before a crash. Love Not Money’s Neil Harbour mixing it on the BMX track made it through before finishing 7th. Jamie Duffy was having some great battles on his way to the final but a bad start cost him but recovered well to finish 4th with a brilliant move in the last turn, a move that is surely contender for move of the day.

Onto the little dudes next and first up in 5-6s James Warren and Theo Rowles. Great riding from both these guys with James just missing out on the A and Theo going one better and picking up a fine 4th place in the main final.
Another little superstar in the making is Millie Tanner who rode hard to make it to the A final in the 5-8 girls which is no mean feat for the younger rides. Nice one Millie.
Great to see how strong the future of the club is with a strong showing in the male 7-8 class with all these guys progressing through. Tyler McHugh didn’t let his lack of experience daunt him and put in a great effort making it through to the quarters and finally finishing 7th. Zach Jeffrey made his indoor racing debut and also rode strongly making it through to the quarters but had to settle for 8th in a tough group. Making it through to the semis was the ever improving Sam Tucker who picked up a brilliant 2nd spot in the first moto and finished 8th in the semi. Battling all the way to 7th spot in the semis was Flyin Flynn Drelincourt mixing it well with the older guys. Nice on Flynn. Meanwhile out front was Harry Tanner who looked like he was going for a clean sweep with wins in all the motos, quarter and semi but in the final he had a battle on his hands and just tried a move too tight and slid out. Unlucky Harry but looking good for the nationals.

A massive 59 riders took to the track for the 9-10 boys class so dropping 27 riders for the quarters was always going to be tough. Despite some good results and great riding Liam Doyle, Alex Heaven, James Jackson and Tyler Kendall all fell victim to the cut. No disgrace at all guys in a huge field with some big big names in. Keep learning. Some real bright new talents in Aaron Davy and Taylor Yardley went one better and made it through to the quarters with some great moto results. A slightly more experienced rider, Curtis Sveikutis had a tough day making 8th in his quarters to show what a tough group this is.

In the 9-10 girls only Kaylen Davies took to the track for MBMX and despite some good motos it wasn’t quite enough to make it through to the final in a very strong field. Keep showing that determination Kaylen and even better results are just round the corner.

Into the 11-12 boys and some promising riding from Connor McHugh wasn’t quite enough to make it through to the quarters in a stacked age group. Connor didn’t give up despite giving away a lot in terms of experience. Adam Tattersall made it through nicely into the quarter finals before having to settle for 6th in a tight race. Will Blevins also made it through with some impressive motos but narrowly missed out in the quarters with a close 5th place finish. Great riding from all showing good form heading into the nationals. Ethan Duffy was on fire making it all the way to the final but got squeezed out in the first straight and worked his magic to make it back to the 6th.

In the 11-12 girls it was a tough day for Sophie Piatt (also tired from the day before) who couldn’t quite find the legs to make it through to the final in a small but very strong class. Katy Crosgrove made it through despite some tough moto draws and picked on a 7th spot to strengthen her position in the indoor series standings.

Only Lewis Holmes in the 13-14 boys. A good effort too with a solid first moto before sliding out in the first turn while right in the mix in the second. Unluckily for Lewis and despite a good final moto it wasn’t enough to see him through to the semis.

15 girls saw another strong turnout for MBMX with 5 riders and 3 making it through to the final. As always with this class results swapped from race to race but sadly it was Courtney Heaney and Maisie Kendall who missed out on the final with all the swapping going on. Olivia Blevins did just about enough to make it through in a tight qualification but showed her potential by taking 7th spot. A strong showing too from Zoe Politis with some good moto results and a very good 5th in the final. Out front Kerri Turner looking good and taking wins in all the motos but in a nip and tuck final finished 3rd. Well done girls and great racing.

The 15-16 boys saw a very strong field with plenty of overseas riders and riders from Team Ireland. It was always going to be tough in a large field bolstered by such talent but Joe Cotton and Tom Garner got stuck in and despite some good racing both missed out on the semi finals. Charlie Yates made it through to the semis with the help of a brilliant piece of riding in the first moto to avoid a falling rider mid air which is up there with Jamie Duffy’s move as move of the day. In a mixed up crazy semi there were moves and changes all over the places with Charlie ultimately being forced out in 8th but a great showing all round for these guys ahead of the nationals.

Two guys in masters and again great to see them progress from the novices. A tough ask to take on many veteran riders but Trev Woods was on it with 2nd, 1st and 3rd place finishes in the motos and 3rd spot in the final showing he is not out of his depth at this level. Supporting Trev was Adam Yates who also steered a path into the final but had to ultimately had to settle for 8th.

Results in the 17-29 class are always difficult to predict and pretty much anything can happen and so it proved. A large class but Mike Hawker was looking on fine form until being caught up in crash and taking a heavy fall in the semi. A fall in the first moto for Jack Critchlow cost him but he recovered well to make it into the semi and a 5th place there brought an end to his day. An absolutely brilliant first moto for Nathan Turner who took 2nd spot which made his day a little easier on the way to his semi and a 7th place finish there. Meanwhile out front Cal Strickland showed his class and nearly made a clean sweep but for a late mistake in the second moto pushed him back to 2nd. Other than that it was firsts all the way taking the semi and final wins in an impressive day.

With no MBMX riders in either the pro-am female or male that was it for the club but the action in the pro-ams was brilliant. With so much other stuff going on thanks to Shanaze Reade, Northwest BMX centre and the signing session at BMX one it was a great fun day that summed up the series.

As always big thanks to all the officials and volunteers, the medical staff for looking after everyone, the staff at the NCC, the organisers at Four4 events and all the parents and families for making it such a pleasure. Big shout out to the man Rich Eames for the skills on the microphone. Healin Vibes to those that need it.
Lots of great performances and great riding from MBMX riders. Tough call but for me rider of the day was either Nathan Turner who, as well as his 2nd place in motos mixed it well all day in a tough class, and after the best part of a year off and giving a lot away in experience to some of the other riders showed he has what it takes, or everyone’s favourite fireman Trev Woods who has stepped into expert racing and really shown some good form. Over to you to decide race fans. See you at the next one.