After the usual Sunday morning warm up it was straight to the action and the big rigs kicking things off. First up again was Charlie Yates who went one better than Sunday with 2 seventh places and 2 sixth places. Nice one.

Jamie Duffy in the 40-44 also went one better making the main and then picking up a 6th place. Even the old dogs can pick up and learn on these tracks

Sadly reversing the trend was Louise Abbott after a full set of wins and making the A final her incredible record over the last two years came to an end and Louise came home second. I think she has won every lap in nationals and the Brits for the last two years until now. Incredible, now time to start the next run.

With no need for bike cleaning Flyin Flynn Drelincourt repeated his performance on the track making the A final and picking up second spot behind the local lad again.

Another tough day for Sam Tucker narrowly missing out on the semis again but you are improving all the time and the next step is not far away. Harry Tanner went one better too making the semis and this time into the A final on his way to a 6th place finish.

Both guys in the 8s went better too. James Jackson made the quarters after missing out on the Saturday and Curtis Sveikutis but his disappointment behind him and made it through to his first semi, missing out on the main but 6th in the B final and 14th overall

Ethan Duffy in the 10s couldn’t quite repeat the win of yesterday having to settle for 2nd behind local rider Jay Bovill but another awesome performance from Ethan.

It was looking like a full replay for Kirsten Dillon in the 9-10 girls until the final when she managed to take 2nd spot and finish one step higher on the podium than Sunday.

Without club mate Izzy Hines Katy Cosgrove was the sole MBMX rider in the 11-12 girls and she stepped it up making the semis on her way to a 15th place finish, one better than the Saturday.

All four of the guys in the 11 boys made it through to the quarters with Morgan Chidley finishing 26th, Sam Bennett 30th and Saul Jeffrey going close again to the semis but having to settle for 23rd. Will Blevins was the days Moses surviving the carnage in his quarter to make it through to the semis before finally picking up 16th place after an 8th in the B final. Take the luck when you get it, and all these guys deserve the luck they get as the battle so hard week in week out.

Again Lewis Holmes had it tough and didn’t make it to the semis but picked up a whole set of better results and finished 7 places further up the field in 25th.

It was an action replay for Ben Cotton who repeated the results of the Saturday again narrowly missing out on the semis and picking up 19th. Keep battling Ben.

Mason Chidley was still  looking super fast in a stacked 14 boys class and again  put in some great rides showing his skills on the way to the semis but this time made it through to the main and 6th placel.

The trio in the 15 boys all showed great steps forward but with so many being dropped it was always going to be tough but Joe Cotton finished 27th and Tom Garner 23rd both improving from the Saturday. The biggest Jump was made by Charlie Yates who after an awesome first moto that had commentating legend Rich Eames surprised eventually came home 19th.

After some first corner shenanigans left some on the ground and a DQ in the 15-16 girls Zoe Politis kept a calm head and used her speed to make it through to the main and an 8th place finish going better than yesterday.

Both Jack Critchlow and Riccardo Addeymellor made the semis again in the 16 but again they were unlucky not to make it through. Jack showed his class by taking the B final win and Riccardo styled his way to 6th and 14th place overall.

Definitely not the day Andy Clucas or George Hawker had planned. George missed out on the quarters and Andy couldn’t follow up his win from the day before and missed out on the semis which just shows how tight this class is.

In the vets Karl Sanderson went one better making the main and picking up 8th spot with Phil Critchlow picking up 19th spot after missing out on the semis in a repeat of Saturday.

In the Championship women Valerie Zebrokova was on fire again and again made the podium taking 3rd, really mixing it with some older riders and taking it to them.

Even less luck in the draw for Matt Saunders saw him with a tough set of motos and finishing 12th

In a reverse of Saturday it was Cal Stricklands turn to get squeezed out in the semis and picking up 9th spot. Jacob Roberts found the space he was looking for on Saturday and made it through to the main and then went and made the podium picking up a brilliant 3rd spot.

So that was Derby, long, sunny and great fun. Thanks as always to Rich Eames and Uncle Buck on the commentary and Superfly Ry for some great tunes, thanks to the medical team for looking after everyone, the BC team for running everything and Derby BMX for hosting a great event. With so many riders doing better on the Sunday it was great to see them learning and that Rob Hawkers fitness work has paid off for them all. Hard to choose with some great rides all round but I am plunging for Curtis Sveikutis who has come on leaps and bounds recently and put his disappointment from Saturday behind and made his first semi in fine style. Nice one Curt.

See you all at the next one.

Hello again race fans and apologies for the delay but I have been inconvenienced by work.

Well it didn’t look very promising at a wet Friday practice (well done those who made the early one and stayed dry) and I am sure I am not the only one who suffered from a messy hotel room after some bike cleaning. But after a damp start Saturday turned out to be hot and sunny. With the wet start there was more bike cleaning to be done and all chipped in but none more than flyin Flynn Drelincourt who got stuck in cleaning anyone’s bike he could. Nice one Flynn. Saturday started with practice and the sight of the championship women riding in pink “ride it like a girl” tops. Seeing these girls race that is a compliment for sure and is a great campaign

Before the normal action was the National Championship race. I have to admit I don’t quite get this yet but Matthew Saunders is the new junior men’s champion and Valerie Zebrekova Is the junior womens champion and both have some nice jerseys to show for it. Congratulations both.

So to the action then and with many riders making their Derby first straight debut it was going to be a tough day. First up the big rigs and out of the gate first was Charlie Yates who was learning the track as he went and mixed it well with the older guys in the 15-16s to finish 7th.

Next up Jamie Duffy in the 40-44 which saw some great action on the day. A solid set of results and some good riding saw Jamie through to the main and a 7th place finish

Louise Abbott showed some incredible control while being pushed hard in the final of the 30+ cruiser class and had to fight hard to stay on down the first straight. Amazing to watch and Louise held on to take the win and complete yet another clean sweep.

Onto the pocket rockets and Flyin Flynn the bike cleaner rode some great laps to make it to the main and a great 2nd place behind local rider Myles Wildbore. Not sure how these little duded get round a track this long.

A tough day in the 7s saw Sam Tucker narrowly miss out on the semis and Harry Tanner having to settle for a B final and a 10th place finish.

In the 8s it was a tough day for James Tucker who missed out on the quarters despite some great riding and Curtis Sveikutis was so close to making it to the semis after negotiating the motos but having to settle for a 5th in the quarter, not quite being able to find the space to make his way through. Unlucky Curtis.

The 10s was represented by the one and only Ethan Duffy taking on some tough local opposition and he smashed it. Some good motos saw him progress and then he really brought it in the A final to take the win. Awesome as always Ethan.

Kirsten Dillon showed her class and continued form in the 9-10 girls on the way to a podium and 3rd place being at the front of the pack in every race. Showing some good speed and real consistency Kirsten, brilliant.

In the 11-12 girls it was semis and B final for both Izzy Hines and Katy Cosgrove in a tight class where things could have gone either way. Izzy finishing 12th and Katy 16th.

In the 11 boys the guys were pushing hard and all made it through safely to the quarters but all narrowly missed out with Saul Jeffrey coming closest with a 5th spot in some really tight races. Morgan Chidley finished 32nd overall, Sam Bennett 30th, Will Blevins 21st and Saul Jeffrey  in the 18th. Keep keeping the pressure on guys, keep moving up the field.

In a class of 32 it was always going to be tough to get through to the semis and Lewis Holmes battled hard in the 12 boys but was squeezed out and had to settle for 30th spot. A result that looked harsh on his riding. Unlucky Lewis.

In the 13 boys Ben Cotton is battling his way forward but missed out on the semis and having to settle for 19th place. Keep going Ben you are getting better with each race.

Mason Chidley was looking super fast in a stacked 14 boys class and put in some great rides on the way to the semis but missed out on the main and had to settle for 11th overall.

In the 15s it was another tough day. With 14 riders being dropped at the motos the battle was on the Joe Cotton, Tom Garner and Charlie Yates got stuck right in picking up some great results but all missing out on the semis with Joe finishing 29th, Tom in 26th and Charlie in 24th after winning the battle of Manchester in the 3rd moto.

Zoe Politis was the only MBMX rider in the 15-16 girls class and despite battling hard and showing some great first straight speed missed out on the A final after making the semis and had to settle for 11th place on the day.

16 boys saw both Jack Critchlow and Riccardo Addeymellor making the semis but Riccardo got caught up in some last corner chaos after Jack had a coming together and both missing out on the main with Jack taking 10th and Riccardo 14th.

It was a great day for Andy Clucas in the 17-29s. With moves a plenty and incidents and accidents everywhere, Andy steered a path through to take the win in the A final. Not such a good day for George Hawker who after some gate issues had to settle for the quarters. This really is a class where the results swap and change all the time and anything can happen.

In the vets Karl Sanderson led the charge making the semis and eventually finishing 10th with Phil Critchlow picking up 19th spot after missing out on the semis.

Onto the Championship classes and Valerie Zebrokova was on fire through the motos and semi and came home 3rd in the A final in a very competitive race. Awesome stuff from Valerie.

With the Championship men mixed in with the elite it brought some great racing but some tough motos for Matt Saunders who certainly doesn’t look out of place in such company. With the luck of the draw against him Matt had to settle for 10th spot despite his form.

Not Jacob Roberts day who was trying moves but couldn’t through when he wanted and picked up 12th spot. A better day for Cal Strickland who was smooth and cool on his way to the main and in a top class field came home 5th to round out the day.

A good day in the sunshine, great atmosphere and as always all the MBMxicans were supporting each other all the way. Many great performances but Louise’s bike handling in the final, Flynn flying and Ethan stand out.  Right early night all, got to do it again tomorrow.

Well it is hard to believe that this was the last regional this year and it is only June. After travelling to the far reaches of the north it was great to be back at home. As usual the club did it’s self proud, hosting a great event in the sunshine (eventually) and with 57 riders out of the 268 coming from MBMX it was a good job we had all our gazebos available for this one.

Before the action two mentions. As always healin vibes to those that need it but in particular today to Aaron Davy who took a heavy one and put the medical team to work. Hope it is not too serious and that you are back soon Aaron. Never good to see but especially when riding so well.

Secondly big mention to Will Blevins for his fundraising efforts with his bands, biscuits and cakes. Very generous and thoughtful of you Will and great to see you raise so much. A credit to yourself, your parents and just what we like to see from MBMX riders.

So, onto the action and the novices. In the 6 and unders it was Oakley Kettle leading the charge at the front taking a moto win on the way to a fine 2nd place in the A final, and backed up well by Kian Houghton who took some good moto results on his way to a 4th spot in the A final. Not to be outdone was the smiling Millie Tanner who didn’t let the boys have it all their own way on her way to the A final and 8th spot, picking up a 3rd place in her 1st moto.

In the 7 year olds it was a great day for Tyler McHugh taking 2 wins out of 3 in the motos before storming to 1st in the A final. Great riding. Meanwhile Declan Cunningham grabbed a moto win on his way to the A final and 4th spot.

A mixed day for Alex Heaven in the 8s who showed fighting spirit after taking a fall in the first moto to take 3 wins in the next races and the win. Cameron Richards-Cooper was battling it out and mixing results before eventually finishing 7th.

Strong turn out in the 9s with three MBMX riders with Taylor Yardley taking a moto win and three  2nd places on his way to 2nd overall, just ahead of Tyler Kendall who took a full set of 3rd places. Backing them up was Kaylen Davies who battled well all day on the way to 5th spot.

In the 10s, 11s and 12s Connor McHugh put in some solid rides on his way 5th spot and Jacob Hickson had a mixed day with an 8th, 3rd, 6th and a fall in the last. Unlucky Jacob but you have shown you have the skills and will bounce back.

To round out the novice classes it was the ridiculously large 18+ novices. Adrian Kendall led the way with a set of 2nd places on his way to the A final and 3rd spot overall. Ian McDowell also made the A on the back of a set of 3rd places before finishing 7th.  It was a battle to the line in the B final between Sean Piatt and Adam Yates who duelled all day with Adam hanging on to the line after making an earlier pass, with Sean taking 2nd.

So to the experts and the pocket rockets. First up the 6s and another clean sweep for the fearless flyin Flynn Drelincourt. Awesome. With the youngest of team Bennett Jack taking a moto win on his way to the A final and a 4th spot just ahead of James Criddle who picked up 5th after some solid motos this looks great for the future. Zach Jeffrey was unlucky to miss out on the main but stormed to a great B final win to make up for it.

In the 7s Harry Tanner led the way all day with a clean sweep through the motos and the A final showing what a talent he is. With some great moto results Sam Tucker also made the main and came home in a great 4th spot.

A strong field from MBMX in the 8s and Curtis Sveikutis took a moto win on his way to the A final and 4th place finish. Looking good Curt. Liam Doyle battled hard to fight his way to the A final and picked up 7th while Aaron Davy couldn’t make the most of his great moto rides in the A final after his heavy fall on the first straight. James Jackson showed great determination to take 3rd spot in the B final.

Next up the carnage and excitement of the super cruiser class. Great racing and moves a plenty and this time not too many spills. Sadly none of the MBMX contingent made the A final but Andy Drelincourt took 2nd spot in the B after just missing out in the semis and being on fire all day.  Jason Bennett had a bad gate in the quarters after some impressive motos and had to settle for 2nd in the C final which also saw Louise Abbott survive a scare on her way to a 6th spot.

Back to the 20” action and Kirsten Dillon used the home track advantage to storm to a clean sweep in the 9-10 girls and looked untouchable.

In the 10 boys Adam Tattersall improved with every race on his way to 2nd spot in the B final.

It was all set for tough 11 boys class with 14 riders and despite picking up some good moto results Harrison Drelincourt and James McDowell had to settle for the B final where Harrison just got pipped on the line and finished 2nd and the ever improving James coming home 5th. In the A final it didn’t go Sam Bennett’s way after some great riding in the motos and good results he couldn’t find a way through and came home in 8th spot. Will Blevins who went for a quite spectacular slide in the first moto, recovered well to make the A final and battled well on his way to 5th. In a tight class results swapped round at the front and Saul Jeffrey made the A final on the back of a moto win and took a great 2nd place in the final narrowly missing out on the win with a battling race lap.

Ethan Duffy led the charge in the 12s, despite riding up 2 categories, and took two moto wins on his way to the A final and a 2nd place. As always, brilliant to watch Ethan.  Some good consistent racing from the ever improving Lewis Holmes took him to the A final but in a tough class Lewis had to settle for 8th spot.

Good to see a big turnout in the 11-12 girls and Izzy Hines was battling at the front of the field into the A final before a spill on the 2nd straight left her to pick up 8th spot. Katy Cosgrove showed her knowledge of the track and pulled out some great results in the motos including a 2nd place on her way to the A final and a strong 5th spot. Sophie Piatt showed the kind of never say die spirit you need in BMX. After battling against older and more experienced riders in the motos she had to settle for a B final and despite trailing kept going and took the win after a mistake by the leader showing that you should never give up until you cross that line. Well done Sophie.

Hannah Baker showed some guts in the 13-14 girls to make it through to the A final after a heavy spill in the first moto and some serios bandage work on an elbow.  With some good results in the last two motos before a 4th spot in the A final. Two newcomers to the expert scene are Leanne Henshall and Nicole Whyne who have acquitted themselves well this year and both picked up very creditable 3rd places in the motos and made the A final in a very tough class beating some much more experienced riders with Leanne coming home 7th and Nicole 8th.  In the B final it was another new comer to expert racing, Courtney Heaney who finished 2nd, again after some promising moto laps.

As if 13 year old boys wasn’t a tough enough class to start your expert racing in it was mixed with the 14 year olds but undaunted Ben Cotton was the sole representative from MBMX and took on and beat some much more experienced riders on his way to the semi final but couldn’t find his way to the A final and finished 7th in the B final.

22 riders took to the gate in the mixed 15-16 boys class with a large MBMX contingent. A not quite fully fit Joe Cotton missed out on the semis but made up for it with a C final win. Max Walker made it through to semis but had to settle for a B final and lost with a spill to leave him with 8th, and Tom Garner and Joe Saunders battled it out in before Tom picked up 3rd and Joe 4th in a tight B final. In the main event Riccardo Addeymellor and Charlie Yates showed style on the way to the A final with Riccardo picking up some impressive moto wins and Charlie consistently near the front against some quality riders. The final was stacked but Riccardo took 5th place and Charlie battling hard to finish 8th.

In the Championship and 15-16 female class Zoe Politis used the home track advantage to get back top form and after a 2nd place in the first moto then took 3 wins to take first spot.  Maisie Kendall again mixed it well with some more experienced riders and did herself proud and took a very creditable 5th spot.

A mixed mens class of masters, vets and 17-19 saw some great action.  Matt Saunders was on fire with 2 moto wins but was taken out in the 2nd moto before taking a semi-final win on his way to the A final where he was joined by Jack Critchlow and Josh Nicholas who also took some moto wins, and George Hawker. Phil Crithclow took 6th spot in the B final and led the way for the vets with Kieran Marsh having to settle for a C final. In the main it was action packed with Jack Critchlow came out best of the MBMX riders with a 2nd place meanwhile Josh Nicholas took 4th spot,  Matt Saunders pulled off some great moves to recover to 5th and after some close action in the 2nd berm George Hawker took 7th.

So that was Manchester and your regional’s for this year. Great to end it with a bang and a great turn out. With so many new names, young and old, and many making the step up to expert from novices as well as some great performances from the more established riders it has been great to watch the action. More importantly the atmosphere and support everyone has shown to everyone else has been brilliant with many highlights. As for today, well too many great performances to mention and I’m sure you’ve all got your own riders of the day. As always thanks to the medical team, Simon for the Commentary and the team in the grey tops for running the event. Huge thank you to all the volunteers that helped out today and made it work. Again, big big healin vibes to Aaron Davy and a huge thank you to all of you at MBMX for making it such a great day.

See you all soon race fans.

So welcome again race fans and BMXicans. After the downpour on Saturday it was nice to see the sun and the track looked dry. Another big turnout for MBMX and the young guns who gathered at the first corner in particular did a great job of supporting the riders. With gazebos full and riders scattered round it was a great supportive atmosphere. Thanks all.

Before we hit action a big mention to Saul Jeffrey who took a heavy one in practice and hit his hard. Bit of trip to miss out on racing but great to see him supporting the others despite not feeling great. Hope you are feeling better soon Saul, a tough rider who will bounce back.

Into the action and first out was Declan Cunningham and the youngest member of team Tanner, Millie. A tough ask for these two in the 8s novices with them being in the 7s and 6s. Great riding on a long track and you did yourselves proud with Declan picking up a great 3rd and Millie a very creditable 7th.

A strong showing in the 11 novices with 3 riders from MBMX and all racing in the 9s. Well done. Taylor Yardley took the win with three first places and a 2nd showing his class with Tyler Kendall taking 2nd despite a spill in the last moto and racing hard with Taylor. Kaylen Davies took 6th after really getting the hang of it and progressing to take 4th in the last moto. Learning well Kaylen.

Novice 18+ is a growing class round the north and it was Ian McDowell and Sean Piatt riding for MBMX. After a pocket denting trip to J&R in the US Ian was a little slow in the first moto but overcame the jetlag to take 4th place with some nice racing and Sean taking a solid 6th and improving all the time.

Into the experts then and Jack Bennett lead the way with some wins on his way to the A final before finally taking 3rd place with the improving Zach Jeffrey doing his bit for team Jeffrey taking 6th in A final with some strong moto results along the way. Good show in the 6 and unders then.

In the 7s Harry Tanner mixed out front all day with 1st and 2nd places but had to settle for 2nd overall on the day with Sam Tucker battling hard before narrowly being beaten into 6th.  Some good action in the 8s with Liam Doyle riding well and mixing it taking a great 5th in the A final after some good motos and Aaron Davy just missing out on the A final after a heavy fall in the 2nd moto but it was great to see him back in the 3rd moto. Well done Aaron.

A big draw now in the region is the super cruiser class and it brought some more great action.  Russ Hanlon put in some good motos and quarters but missed out on the A final and took 2nd in the B. Jason Bennett certainly doesn’t look out of place in the expert cruisers and was unlucky to miss out in the quarters but then took a great win in the C final. Meanwhile Roger Wilbraham showed some skills on his way to the C final but let the others have their day.

Adam Tattersall was the only MBMX rider in the 10s and showed he is going to be one to watch by earning some good moto results and battled well in the a tight A final to finish 7th. Well done Adam.

In the 11-12 girls it looked like it was going to be business as usual for Katy Cosgrove with some good motos but got caught in a 3 rider pile up. Despite this she recovered well on the way to the A final and 7th place finish. Definitely not business as usual for Sophie Piatt making her expert debut against a strong field. Sophie rode well but missed out on the A final but showed she can mix it in this class by taking a B final win. Great start to expert racing Sophie.

Without Saul Jeffrey in the field it was left to the trio of Sam Bennett, Will Blevins and James McDowell. Sam certainly wasn’t going to be outdone by the rest of team Bennett by taking 2 moto wins on the way to the A final and raced hard to take third in the A final. Slightly different story for Will Blevins who took a full set of 2nd places including the A final. Consistent Will, consistent. Could be wrong but I think this is the best set of results for these guys and the win is just round the corner. James McDowell rocking his Florida Tan and new kit was in amongst it and is closing in on the pack all the time. Unlucky to miss out on the A and was left as a solo rider in the B final. To James’ credit he rode it like a full race and put in a proper race lap. Well done James.

In the 13-14 girls Hannah Baker was on fire with some great racing to finish 3rd overall with a 2nd in moto 2 being the best result of the day. A relative newcomer Leanne Henshall took 4th ahead of some more experienced riders, the narrower bars certainly helping. Fantastic to see so many novices stepping into the expert classes and another one, Nicole Whyne, showed great pace and battling determination and after a fairly spectacular and heavy off on the tricky first jump showed real courage to finish the lap and battle again in the next races. Another really good debut.

With some high ranking national riders the 13-14 boys is a tough class for new riders but Ben Cotton and Owen Mappleson didn’t let that deter them even if they are in the younger end of the class. Both raced hard against the more experienced riders before Owen took  4th in the B final and Ben 5th.

Another merged class was the 15-16 boys with all three of the Manchester riders in the lower age. Joe Cotton took a great 3rd in his 2nd moto and was unlucky to miss out on the A final and finishing 2nd in the B final. Going one better Tom Garner took the B final win after narrowly missing out on the A. After a great set of motos Charlie Yates took to the gate in the  A final but after being squeezed in the first straight couldn’t find a way through and had to settle for 8th but 4th in the age group.

What a tough class to start out in for Maisie Kendall. Championship female has some riders with a long BMX pedigree but undaunted Maisie took them on and took a fantastic 3rd, 2nd,3rd in the first three motos and a hugely creditable 5th in the last. Absolutely brilliant.

In the men, James Tresman was the only rider in the masters class but raced through to the semis and a B final. Meanwhile in the A final Josh Nicholas put some good moto results in and finished 7th in the A.

So that was Leeds. As always thanks to the North Region and Leeds for making the event work, all the medical team and Simon on the commentary. Healin vibes to those that need them, hope you are all back in action soon. Mentions to Will Blevins and Sam Bennett for their results, Taylor Yardley and Tyler Kendall.  Huge well done to Sophie Piatt and Nicole Whyne for stepping up to expert and showing you can handle it but rider of the day has to go the other girl stepping up, Maisie Kendall. Undaunted by the opposition, battled well and 2nd in moto 2 in this field is fantastic.

Onto the next one but a weekend off for this race reporter. For those that are going enjoy Coppull. Ride safe, ride well.

Super Saturday Series in the sun. What better way to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon. After some ins and outs and some confusion the field was set with 98 riders. Let’s make it over the magic 100 next time but still a massive turn out for a club race. Great to see so many kids (old and young) out on the track. Plenty of thrills and great action and not too many spills. With novices old and young, experts and riders from Bradford, Preston and around the world (yes we are getting an international flavour to the club racing) it was set to be a great afternoon and it didn’t disappoint.

Into the action and in the novice 7-8 boys it was a great afternoon for Tom Brookes who rode like a demon and took 4 wins. Obviously a natural on a bike. Some great results too for Adam Al-Ausi, Max Allen and Finlay Hodgson making up the top four. Some great battles behind for Joel Jeffrey, Jacob Hughes, Harrison Gittins and a big mention to Harrison Hannah and David Lowe for making the B final a great watch.

One of my favourite classes on the day was 9-10 novice girls. Alesha Allen-Price owned this one with some great laps showing real talent. Following behind there was some great races between Kaylen Davies and Anna Lowe both picking up some 2nd places and the youngest member of what is now Team Tanner, Millie showing some good form to take 4th.

Some real potential in the 9-10 boys with top three being taken in every race by Chris Atkinson, Taylor Yardley, and Tyler Kendal finishing in that order. With Alex East, Mitchell Finn, Luke Prescott and Marcel Cherrington adding to the racing excitement it was a great watch on the day.

Novice 13-14 boys was mixed with the 11-12 girls and boys and Sophie Piatt putt the fall at Blackpool regional behind her with some great laps on the way to 2nd spot leading the charge for the young guns in this one and the girls. Brilliant. On the day Jacob Hickson continued to show his skills and was just too strong for Sophie taking the win.

In the 15-16 novices it was a battle out front between Max Walker and Seth Dale with Max taking the win in the end, with Luke Pritchard coming in 3rd and Max Phillips 4th.

I have no idea what is happening here but we had A and B finals in the novice 30+ class. Plenty of parents learning from the kids and having a go. We even had a run off!!!! For novices the racing was tight and plenty of moves going on but that didn’t trouble Trev Woods who lead the way all day, closely followed by Rob Beere and the impressive Phil Tanner making his debut who took 3rd.  Ant Smith and Craig Davy also hit the track for the first time in the series and battled well on the way to 5th and 6th just ahead of Alexey Shemanov and Algis Sveikutis who won the run off. In the B final Ged Ratchford put his fall behind him to take 2nd spot behind Alistair Rowley who lost out in the run off but put that disappointment behind him. Crazy that this class was the largest on the day with 7 in the B final which was rounded off by Roger Mapleson, Adam Yates, Sean Piatt and then the ladies in the mix Mary Smith picking up 6th and a great debut from Claire Prescott in 7th.

Now to the expert classes, well nearly. A mixed 6 and unders class of experts and novices combined to bring some great action. Flynn Drelincourt showed his class by leading out every race but was chased hard by Oakley Kettle in the novices. With Zach Jeffrey and Theo Rowles chasing hard behind it looks great to have so many young and talented novices, and with this class having a B final shows the depth of talent. Also great to see them learning how to conduct themselves with high 5s all round and even stopping to help each other out when they fall. Great to see.

Expert 9 and 10 also had the 7-8s involved and it was Adam Tattersall leading it out throughout the day, a rising star for sure. Not to be out done were the young chasers of  Liam Doyle, Curtis Sveikutis, Aaron Davy, Harry Tanner and James Jackson who  battled well with places swapping showing their race craft and skills coming on.

Expert 11-12 featured girls and boys and big welcome to Emily and Aaron Brannan who made the trip over from Bradford. Emily showing her class as one of the best female riders around taking the win from local lad Saul Jeffrey and her younger brother Aaron. Will Blevins picked himself up after a spill to take 4th. With Sam Rhodes taking 5th, Sam Bennett 6th and Lewis Holmes 7th after all 3 won motos on the way to the final show’s how close it was on the day. Harrison Drelincourt rounding out the A final. Great riding from Katy Cosgrove in the B final mixing it with the boys to take 2nd behind Cain Hargreaves and ahead of the Preston Pirates riders of Ben Redstone and Murray Hull.

13-14 saw the girls mixing it with the boys and Nicole Whyne riding against the experts for the first time. Oliver Cope lead the way with a clean sweep showing he still knows his way round Platt Fields track. Great riding Oliver. Behind him were the Preston riders of Archie Hull and Alex Rhodes. Hannah Baker showed she wasn’t going to let the boys have it all their own way pushing them all the way and taking 4th ahead of Ben Cotton who edged out Owen Mapleson in some good racing and Nicole who acquitted herself really well in a tough field.

Another rider stepping into the expert classes in a tough field was Maisie Kendall who showed she is learning fast and showed her potential in a tough day against some class lads. Joe Saunders edged out Joe Cotton in the battle of the Joes to take 3rd spot with Charlie Yates and Riccardo Addeymellor battling it out at the front with Riccardo taking the win.

In the last class of the day the 17+ experts no one could touch Matthew Saunders who put on a great show to take a clean sweep. Behind there was a battle between George Hawker and Juan-Carlos Pedrosa with George should edging it. Great riding from Juan-Carlos in his first race and he can obviously ride a bike. Jason Bennett was in for tough day hanging onto the front three but kept the honest on his cruiser.  With Stuart Smith and Andy Adkin rounding things out with some good battles that Andy eventually won to claim 5th that brought the action to a close.

As always, healin vibes to any that need it, with a mention to Theo Borzsony who is recovering after a stint in the hospital after a fall in a coaching session. Hope to see you soon and all the best wishes from all at the club. Also great to see Marc Holmes back at the track if not quite back on the bike yet. Thanks to all those who helped out, particularly the new helpers – it is much appreciated and hoped you enjoyed it. Thanks to the supporters for making it a great atmosphere and all the riders for putting on a show. A special mention to Roger Wilbraham and Andy Drelincourt for putting in a huge amount of work on the track this past week. Cheers guys.

No rider of the week this week, too close to call so we have a few. For the young girls Alesha Allen-Price for taking a clean sweep and Anna Lowe for her great rides and showing you can ride well on smile power, smiling her way round each lap. Tom Brookes and Christopher Atkinson for the boys for their clean sweep and Jacob Hickson for a great win. All these guys looking ready to move up into expert. Finally Oli Unsworth for stopping to help his mate Josh out during a race. Awesome.

That’s all race fans, onto the next one.