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So the National series rumbled back into town for the final round of the 2014 series. With places still up for grabs and trophies to be presented it was all set for a good weekend of racing. The sun shine and the weather was fine and yes, we were all inside. Typical.

So to the action then and just like the Brits Saturday was little kids and big rigs. First out then Charlie Yates in the 15-16 Cruiser class, which saw the largest field of the year. Charlie made it safely through to the A final with some solid laps on his way to an impressive 6th place finish on the day and a 6th place finish in the series. Well done.

Next up for MBMX was Louise Abbott in the 30+ female cruisers, and she did it again winning every lap to take the win and the series in dominant fashion. Only one lap dropped all year. Hugely impressive performance from Louise.

Onto the big kids on the big rigs then and James Tresman wrapped up the year with a 7th place finish in the 30-39 Cruiser. Tougher day for Jamie Duffy who battled his way to the A final and a 3rd place finish putting all of his indoor practice to use.

Next up the little guys and first out was the national champion Flyin Flynn Drelincourt who stormed his way through the motos and semi and into the A final on his way to 2nd place showing why he took the series. Also storming into the A final was Jack Bennett who took 7th place on the day and finished 14th in the series off only 4 races. Very impressive start for these guys.

In the 7s Harry Tanner led the way for MBMX making it through the motos and semi and into the A final before finishing 6th on the day and 7th in the series. Not quite the result Sam Tucker would have wanted with some tough motos and he wasn’t quite able to make it out of the motos this time.

Another tough day for the 8’s with both Curtis Sveikutis and James Jackson both making it through to the quarters but that was a far as it went for these guys in a class that brought the best racing of the day with thrills, spills, moves and mayhem a plenty. A good year for these two with plenty more to come in 2015.

And with that Saturday drew to a close with the presentations for these classes before everyone headed off home for some rest ready for Sunday.

So Sunday came and the sun shone and the weather was fine again. Never mind.

Out first was Kirsten Dillon who again put in some solid laps on her way to the final and then saved the best til last with a storming ride on her way to another podium and 3rd place on the day and in the series. Another Star in the making here.

Not for the first time Ethan Duffy was the only rider in the 10s but some great laps saw him progress through to the semis and into the A final, and in an action paced race he used all his track knowledge and race craft to take the win he deserved and was so keen to get. A great way to end the year for Ethan who also took 2nd spot in the series.

In the 11s the trio of Sam Bennett, Will Blevins and Saul Jeffrey were joined by James McDowell making his national debut. Despite putting in a solid performance and showing he is far from out of his depth James couldn’t find a way through to the quarters but a good national debut nonetheless. Sam, Will and Saul all put in some good laps to make it through to the quarters and all was set for them to tackle the semis. Will and Saul showed there progress this year by making it through but Sam was right in the mix until he slipped a pedal and that put an end to his challenge. In the semis it wasn’t to be for Saul or Will despite some great riding and they had to settle for the B final a race that saw places swapping all the way to end with Will picking up 5th and Saul 7th.  All the riders in the class should be proud of themselves this year and it is great to see the club so well represented.

The 11-12 girls was always going to be a tough one with 16 riders being dropped and straight to an A final. This did not deter Izzy Hines or Katy Cosgrove as they set out in determined fashion but in a tight class they couldn’t squeeze through and into the A with Izzy finishing 11th and Katy 14th.

Only Lewis Holmes in the field for the 12 boys for MBMX and definitely not his day. While challenging for the lead in the first moto he slipped a pedal and took a heavy fall that brought an early end to his day. A bit bashed up but on the mend. Healin vibes as always and hope to see you back on it soon.

The ever improving Ben Cotton and Joe Burns making his national debut represented MBMX in the 13 boys and it was always going to be a tough task to make the semis with so many riders being dropped. Still Ben put in some great laps and showed he is closing the gap all the time and Joe made an impressive debut to take 18th with Ben picking up 23rd.

3 riders took to the track in the 15 boys with a tough battle to make the semis. Despite picking up his best result of the series it wasn’t enough for Joe Cotton but his 18th spot was a good finish to the year for him. Tom Garner also missed out despite being in the mix all day and took 19th spot to end his first year of national racing.  One guy that did make it through was Charlie Yates who made the semis but couldn’t quite get the space he needed to make the A final and came home 6th. In the B final it was a similar story with Charlie holding onto take 7th and finish 15th overall to give him a great end to the year too.

Not the greatest first two laps from Zoe Politis in the 15-16 girls but probably the lap of her life to take 2nd in the final moto saw Zoe through to the main and 7th place finish in a very close race and 9th place in the standings.

In the 16 boys the luck was against Riccardo Addeymellor who suffered as other riders came off in front of him. Still he showed his speed on the way to the semi where he was held up and had to settle for the B final where again a very strong result was denied him by others mishaps. Still an 11th place finish with some great moves and 15th in the series is good a return. Jack Critchlow managed to find a way through the chaos and into the A final but his luck deserted him too and he had to settle for 7th place on the day and 8th in the series.

17-29 saw another good at the office for Andy Clucas who was on fine form on his way to the final but couldn’t quite take the win and had to settle for 2nd and 2nd in the series too.

Mixed fortunes in the vets with Karl Sanderson making the cut and making the A final but Phil Critchlow missed out finishing 12th. 6th place for Karl on the day and 9th in the series.

So to the championship classes and the men first. Not a great for Matthew Saunders who crashed in the first moto and from there it was always going to be a struggle to get through to the final. Surprise of the day was Mike Hawker back in action and showing everyone that despite a lack of track time he’s still got it. Some good moto results saw him through to the final and then a 6th place finish.

In the women Valerie Zebrokova had a good day with some good motos to see her make the final and it a tight race Valerie took 3rd spot just behind the visiting Ruby Huisman and Abi Taylor and a very impressive 3rd place in the series.

Finally then Elite men. A small field but with Paddy Sharrock and Jacob Roberts in the field it was always going to be a great watch and so it proved with places swapping race to race with Jacob picking up a win before ultimately finishing 2nd on the day and picking up 2nd in the series. Cal Strickland who wasn’t in action also picked up 6th in the series which given the start to the year he had is pretty good if you ask me.

So that was round 10 and the series. Lots of highs and lows, sunshine and rain. Thanks as always to the greycoats, Rich Eames and Uncle Buck on the microphones and Ry on the tunes, all the staff at the indoor for hosting and the medical team for doing what they do.

Rider of the weekend, well that goes to all the guys that made their national debut. A bit daunting to step up and you all got stuck in and did yourself proud. Well done.

The event featured an old skool roll out, a raffle and an auction of items to raise money for Damian Myles, a former national champion and a huge thanks to all that supported this and helped with the funds. Sadly Damian passed away on Tuesday night but the funds will go to his young daughter’s trust fund. Thanks all.

To end on a positive it has been a great year on the BMX series and a privilege and an honour to watch you all give your all and represent the club so well. 4th place for the club is no mean achievement and next year will be even better. Now just the Northern Champs to go and win. See you in Hartlepool, or Platt Fields.

So after some rest and some bike cleaning it was back to the track and early start and more importantly the sun shone and conditions were great for racing.

A case of déjà-vu for Charlie Yates in the 15-16 cruiser class with another full set of 5th places following on from Saturday.  World no.3 Louise Abbott also  repeated Saturday’s performance perfectly with another clean sweep in the female 30+ cruiser class to show she is right at the top of her game.

Definitely not a repeat for Jamie Duffy who decided one lap was enough on the Sunday and withdrew early. The emotions of celebrating his 40th birthday the night before obviously got to him.

So to the guys with the little legs and little bikes. Flyin Flynn Drelincourt was on fire making the main final again and finishing 2nd place. Sure he would have wanted the win but it was enough to take the series title so we will see him rocking the 1 plate next year. Well done little man.  Jack Bennett joined in with great laps on his way to the main and a 7th place finish to show his talent and how he can learn tracks quickly.

Another great 5th place finish for Harry Tanner in the 7s showing how well he has taken to expert racing well in his first year. Brilliant again Harry. Sam Tucker put Saturday behind him and got stuck in well to finish 2 places higher in 20th on the Sunday. Great stuff Sam.

Sunday proved to be a tough one for Curtis Sveikutis in the 8s who made the quarter finals but couldn’t make it through, bringing to an end a great run of results. Move on Curtis and get ready for the next one.

Into the 10s and Ethan Duffy again looked super fast as we know he is but again suffered in the semi and had to settle for an awesome B final win.

In the 9-10 girls Kirsten Dillon decided it was not going to be a repeat performance and made the A final with ease and then went one better than Saturday with a 2nd spot on the podium.

The 11 boys was stacked as always and this time Harrison Drelincourt joined in the fun but narrowly missed out on the quarter finals. Again the trio of Sam Bennett, Will Blevins and Saul Jeffrey made it through to battle it out in the quarters but again it was not to be there day with Saul finishing 27th, Will 26th and Sam in 18th after some good motos. Keep going guys the next step is so close.

In the 11-12 girls Katy Cosgrove was on fire in the motos and made the semis but was squeezed out in the semi to race in the B final. After being fired from a cannon in the B final with snap of the day Katy was battling at the front of the pack to claim 3rd place and 11th overall. Izzy Hines slipped under the radar quietly but assuredly making her way through the mtos into the semis and into the A final with a great 5th place.

In the 13 boys Ben Cotton was again battling a big field on his own and was motoed and came home 26th.

It was a very similar day in the 15 boys with Joe Cotton and Charlie Yates both missing the semis in a tough field with Joe picking up 27th and Charlie picking up another 21st place.

A slightly smaller field in the 15-16 girls meant 8 being dropped and 8 going into the main. It was a stretch too far for Zoe Politis who again put in some good motos but missed out on the main and had to settle for 11th.

In the 16 boys Riccardo Addeymellor missed out on the semis by the smallest of margins and had to settle for 17th (pedal to line). Jack Critchlow did make the semis but narrowly missed out on the A final and had to settle for 2nd spot in the B final.

Two guys took to the track in 17-29 men with different results. George Hawker couldn’t find a way through the motos missing out by a small margin. Further up the field Andy Clucas was in contention all day and made it through the motos, the quarters and semis and into the main and amidst the action and chaos came home in a fine 6th spot.

In the vets Phil Critchlow was on his own and got stuck in but in a tight field couldn’t quite find his way to the semis.

On to the last race of the day and with Jacob Roberts’ fall it was Cal Strickland continuing his fine form and making the A final in an anything can happen class. A good ride from Cal was spoilt amidst the close racing heading into the pro section leaving Cal to come home 7th.

Well that was Birmingham and as always healin vibes to those that need it. A big thanks to Birmingham BMX club for hosting, all the officials from BC and all the medical staff for picking up and patching up.

Stand out moments for me were seeing Louise Abbott back at the front, Katy Cosgrove’s first straight in the B final and Izzy Hines mixing it out front. Riders of the weekend though are Ben and Joe Cotton. These two made the step up to expert and national racing giving away a lot of experience and keep battling and progressing and enjoying it. Their enthusiasm will pay off with even better results soon but for now guys keep going and keep smiling.  Next round at the indoor so let’s see plenty of you there and no need for camping and hotels.

Ride safe BMXicans.

OK race fans, with the season starting to draw to close MBMX headed down to Perry Park for rounds 8 and 9 of the national series.  Some were unsure with a wet practice on Friday and a wet start to Saturday but the sun broke through and the weekend was mainly good.

Sadly we start with a few big healin vibes shouts for Valerie Zebrokova who took a fall in practice and went off to hospital with an arm/wrist injury. Hope it wasn’t too bad Val and we see you back on the bike soon. Big healin vibes too to Jacob Roberts who crashed on Sunday and was carried off. With Jacob’s injury record it caused some concern but it seems it is not as bad as feared and hopefully Jacob will be back on it soon.

First out the gate was Charlie Yates in the 15-16 cruiser and despite battling and getting closer and closer with each moto it was a full set 5th places for Charlie.

Sporting a nice shiny W3 plate Louise Abbott was still on fire taking a clean sweep in the 30+ female cruisers and putting the loss of Derby far behind and showing just why she is W3.

James Tressman had a tough task with one rider being dropped in a tight 30-39 cruiser class and couldn’t make it through to the main on the day.

Jet set Jamie Duffy was up next, fresh from Mexico and sporting a good tan, no surprise then that Jamie was quite at top form and had to settle for the B final but owned it taking the B final win as a warm up for his 40th birthday party celebrations later in the evening.

Flyin Flynn Drelincourt was up next with Jumpin Jack Bennett joining him in the 6 and unders. Flynn continued to show his fearless approach on the way to 2nd place and Jack, relatively new to national racing, made the B final with some great laps and finished 3rd. Great stuff from the little guys.

In the 7s Harry Tanner led the charge building on his worlds experience to make it through to the semis and into the A final and a 5th place finish. Sam Tucker found it a little tougher and was unlucky not to make the semis in a class where so many riders were dropped.

In the 8s both Curtis Sveikutis and James Jackson both made it through to the quarters but neither could progress further with Kurt picking up some great moto results including his first national moto win. These guys just keep getting better and better.

In the 9-10 girls Kirsten Dillon showed why her standing is so high with a solid set of motos and into the A final before yet another podium finish in 3rd place. Great to watch.

In the 10s it just wasn’t Ethan Duffy’s day. After being on fire through the motos and quarters winning all the way an issue at the gate in the semi cost him a place in the main but he showed his class by taking the B final win. B final wins all round then for the Duffys.

Always a strong class for MBMX the 11 boys saw Saul Jeffrey, Sam Bennett and Will Blevins all make it through to the quarters in a big class with some good rides and the odd spill. Saul went closest with a 5th in the quarter final that so close to being a 4th, with Sam picking up a 6th and Will a 7th (I think).

I am sure the 11-12 girls is growing with every round and great to see these girls getting semis. Some great riding from Izzy Hines kept her in contention all day and saw her safely through to semis and the main and a 5th place overall finish. Katy Cosgrove keeps battling her way and moving further through the field and made the semis but had to settle for the B final where she put in a great ride to claim 13th place overall.

In the 13 boys it was only Ben Cotton representing MBMX and despite getting quicker all the time it is a tough task to make the semis with 10 riders being dropped but Ben keeps battling and closing the gap.

Hannah Baker was going solo in the 13-14 girls and fresh from the worlds put in some solid laps but missed out on the main but in class that was dropping half the field it was all going to take something special to make it through.

In the 15-16 girls Zoe Politis had some mixed results but made it through to the semis but missed out on the main. A great ride in the B final saw Zoe take 2nd spot.

Only two guys in the 15 boys and big class that saw 11 riders miss out on the semis. Charlie Yates led the challenge with some good motos but missed out on the semis and Joe Cotton, battling against much more experienced riders, getting quicker with each race but it was too many riders being dropped for Joe.

In the 16 boys Riccardo Addeymellor made his way to the semis and was disappointed to miss out in the semis but with a moto win along the way to an 11th place finish he shouldn’t be too hard on himself. A step further for Jack Crithclow who did make the A final but it wasn’t to be and on the day and Jack came home in 8th place.

As always the 17-29 class was full of thrills and spills and both George Hawker and Andy Clucas made it through to the quarters but that was as far as it went for George. Clucas went one better and made the semis but it didn’t go to plan and an 8th place in the B final not the result Andy would have wanted.

Onto Veterans and Phil Critchlow picked up a 22nd place finish but with that wasn’t enough to see him through to the semis. Karl Sanderson did make it through and made the A final after a great semi but a spill left him on the ground and in 8th spot.

A good day in Elite men and as you would expect some of the best racing I have seen. With both Jacob Roberts and Cal Strickland making the A final along with some other big names it was all set to be a great race. With moves a plenty it was Cal who made the best of it and claiming a nice cheque and a 3rd spot on the podium, sadly not so good for Jacob who had to settle for 8th after suffering in the pro section. Brilliant stuff.

So that was Birmingham Saturday, rain, sun and great action. Off to bed after a spot of bike cleaning. See you all in the morning.