Coaching Sessions

Balance Bikes

Balance Bike Coaching to get your little ones whizzing around

A great introduction for riders of any age and ability. If they can walk, they can ride a balance bike. They'll learn control, steering, starting and stopping as they develop balance skills Use the undulations of the BMX track to help get you moving Develop ability to roll with both feet off the ground and ready to move onto a peddle bike

Intro to BMX

Ideal for those ready to take the first pedal turns on their bike

Take those first peddles on a bike and develop into a complete rider Whatever the age, if you are just starting our we'll have you confidently starting, stopping and turning in no time Use the undulations of the BMX track to help get you moving Gain confidence to start navigating the BMX track

Novice Coaching

BMX Coaching for beginners of all ages

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Riders must be able to ride a peddle bike unaided, whilst standing up off the seat. 

Learn all the skills you need to compete in a BMX race. Control the bike over the jumps to keep your speed while staying in control. Get you bike balanced on the start gate Fly round the corners as you complete alps of the track

Intermediate Coaching

For established racers wanting to develop their skills

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Rider should be established racers who have completed several club level races.

Perfect session for someone who's completed their first races and wants to develop their skills. Learn correct technique on the gate to get a flying start. Develop pumping skills to carry and gain speed over the jumps. Learn passing moves through the corners to gain places

Expert Coaching - Invite Only

For riders who race for Manchester BMX Club at regional or national level

These sessions are for members who race for Manchester BMX Club at either regional or national level. Anyone wishing to join should contact the club and we will advise of the best session to attend. 

Please do not attend without prior discussion with a club coach