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Manchester BMX Club can cater for riders of all ages and abilities, from youngsters on balance bikes to world champions, we have the experience to give you just what is needed to achieve your goals.

On Saturdays we have a range of coaching sessions from balance bikes through to intermediate coaching. Details of all the available sessions are on the coaching pages here. We also have expert coaching on Monday and Tuesday evenings for riders ready to step up to regional racing or beyond. Speak to one of our coaches or volunteers to find the right session for you.

Open gates sessions are times when the track is open and the gate is operating but there is no coaching taking place and riders use the time to practice skills, techniques or fitness levels. We have open gate sessions on Saturday's at Platt Fields park. Thursday sessions at the national cycling centre (during the winter) and then at Platt Fields park for the rest of the year. Check out the schedule of sessions here.

We host race events for riders to take their first steps into competitive racing. No experience is necessary and we have plenty of volunteers on hand to help you navigate the day. Check out our racing guide here for all you need to know.

We have a range of bikes and safety equipment available to hire at all sessions and race events. Check out the equipment guide here to find out what you'll need to take part.

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Everything you need to know

BMX racing involves up to 8 riders setting off from the top of a start hill and navigating 4 straights of jumps and 3 corners (aka berms) to see who can be first to cross the finish line. It is exciting to watch and even more fun to compete in.

Riders need power, strength, balance, bravery and a large degree of skill to be successful. To get started, you just need a willingness to learn and our expert coaches will help you develop everything else. 



From start to finish

No two BMX tracks are the same, with different layouts, lengths and features seen at every track in the world. There are some things that every track will have though

The Gate
Is the starting mechanism at the beginning of the track. Designed to hold all riders level, an automated sequence over a random duration is played before the lights go on, the gate drops and the race begins. 

The start hill

The longest downhill section on the track, designed to help riders pick up speed and jostle for position as they head towards the first straight.


The early straights tend to see bigger jumps where faster riders will take to the air and younger ones concentrate on keeping the wheels on the ground. Being first into the corner is a big advantage but there is still a long way to go.

The banked corners connecting the straights. This is where most of the exciting overtaking moves happen, with riders jostling to get onto the racing line for the next straight.

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The rhythm section

The name given to the straight with smaller jumps placed closer together, that offer up a different type of challenge for all riders. 

The finish

Usually a small distance after the last jump but there is still time for races to be won and lost as riders need to remember to pedal to the line and throw their bike to make sure they cross the line as soon as possible.

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